Jan 11, 2016

9 Playful Pillows That Will Instantly "Fun-Up" Your Home

From now until oh, about about May, it's all 50 shades of gray outside my window.  I adore you, Chicago, but dang this lengthy patch of cold and dreary can drag me DOWN.
But after nearly 20 years living here I have discovered a few simple ways to brighten things up from within. To lighten the mood and raise the good vibrations between my own 4 walls.

Things like fresh flowers on my kitchen island, bright pops of color here and there, lively music playing while I work from home, and fun and happy, playful accesories scattered about.
Whether you also live in a place that could use a hearty dose of sunshine or you just need to up the happy quotient of your personal playground, these 10 playful throw pillows are a simple way to do just that.

Because Peter knew of what he spoke:

Find it HERE


Fine it HERE

Because in the winter, rules are made to be broken:
Find it HERE

Because I have one of these on my fanciest couch...and it's perfection. And makes me smile everyday:
Find it HERE
Because Disco ball in pillow form!:

Find it HERE

Because we all need a lot of these this time of year:
Find it HERE
Because CANDY is always a good idea:

Find in HERE

Because it's a really good rule of thumb:

Find it HERE

Because it's not really a pillow, but it's a great place to sit and daydream:

Find it HERE

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