Mar 16, 2016

A playful St. Pat's

Chicago may have dyed the river green last weekend, but St. Patrick's Day is right in front of us. Here are some super easy, last-minute ideas to bring a little luck to your family and friends tomorrow:

1. #lucky balloon kit for the social media fiends in your home, found at your neighborhood Target

2. DIY Luck of the Irish Cootie Catcher. This throwback never gets old!

3. DIY Paper Strip Shamrocks are a quick, mess-less way to decorate

4. Printable cards for friends you're just so lucky to know

5. Super easy to bake rainbow mini-cupcakes. Top with a gold coin for the full leprechaun effect.

And don't forget to wear green! Those pinches can be brutal.

—Alaina Buzas, Contributor

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