Mar 3, 2016

How to throw an emoji party for your tweens

I love being a part of the Parenting Team at TODAY. The team just turned one, and to celebrate we shared three awesome party themes that are perfectly tailored for different ages.

I decided to go full-tween and plan an emoji party I know my boys would love. Watch the video below to see my tips:

My tips for an unforgettable, tween-approved Emoji Party:
  • Create an emoji "photo wall" for the kids so they can take selfies and other Instagram-ready pictures. Even if they're not on social media, this is a way for them to use phones in a fun and supervised way. Use plain yellow Mylar balloons that kids can turn into emojis with shapes they cut out of construction paper and attach with double-sided tape to the balloons.
  • Stock a nearby basket with photo booth props, like a yellow paper plate and foam hand.
  • Send emoji-themed invitations. Use emoji stickers you can buy at party stores to get things started.

  • Serve cute emoji-themed foods, such as finger sandwiches made with smiley fries that you can buy in the frozen food section of any grocery store, cupcakes decorated to look like emojis,
  • Decorated yellow paper cups with stickers to make emoji faces, and fill them with popcorn or any snack.
To learn more about the ideas for a 1-year-old and 5-year-old from my Parenting Teammates, visit

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  1. Truly a perfect party and must say that your ideas are extremely easy to implement. Thank you so much for sharing them here. I was looking for some great ideas to decorate party venues as organizing party for my girlfriend.


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