Apr 27, 2016

5 Ways to Play with Flowers This Weekend

"Well Played" (which is now available for pre-order!) talks about the five different spaces in our life where we should be incorporating purposeful acts of play: with our friends, with our family, with our partner, by ourselves, and in our home.

What better way to celebrate spring and all the beautiful blooms than to find a way to play with nature this weekend?

With Friends

Ladies! Go outside together! They make these magical things called "outdoor wine glasses" (ahem: plastic) now that will help with this. So, go outside, gather some flowers and plants and lovely things, then bring them around a picnic table to chat, drink some good rosé, and create something together. This flower petal stained glass door from Artful Parent is a great craft that can really brighten up your entry way, get you away from screens for a bit, and as remind you of your wonderful friends whenever you see it.

With Kids

This idea from Messy Little Monsters is genius for a couple of reasons: it encourages outdoor play and discovery, everyone can get really creative with their artwork, and, finally, you don't have to clean the brushes after! 

With Your Partner: DIY Flower Press

This DIY from Garden Therapy combines delicate flowers and super powerful stuff like a saw and a drill! But don't let the saw scare you, this is actually a pretty simple build that will require the teamwork of you and your partner to create something really unique. I mean, you've already built a life together, and probably some IKEA furniture. How hard can a flower press be?

By Yourself

One of my favorite ways to spend my alone time is to go for a walk. With all the beautiful flowers blooming and bright colors filling my neighborhood, there really is no better way to spend part of my day. I love the idea of this challenge from the Free People blog to not just be in nature, but to interact with it. Make something for the next person on your path to find.

For Your Home

We all know one of the easiest ways to bring some color into your home is to add fresh flowers. But instead of plopping them in a vase, try stringing them for a big playful punch. Subtle Revelry always shares the most beautiful party decorations, including this carnation garland, but I fully support stringing up some blooms for an everyday pop of play in your home. 

—Alaina Buzas, Contributor


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