May 25, 2016

Latest Toy Love: The Osmo Genius Kit

Today I'm hopping around the country via local tv stations through a satellite media tour sharing my top picks for summer play. These are all easy ways to get the kids to stop saying "I'm bored!" all summer.

I featured most of these toys and games on Windy City Live last week, but I had one more I'd love to share.

The Osmo Genius Kit, $99

Designed for ages 6 and up, this awesome kit works with an iPad and helps encourage learning through play. This game system bridges the real and digital world, letting kids be hands on as they explore science, math, art and more. Osmo can even help your kids learn to code! So awesome.

Have your kids used Osmo yet? I'd love to know what they've learned with it!

PS. There's still time left to pre-order my first book, "Well Played". Every pre-order also receives a Stikbot studio, so don't miss out!

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