Aug 3, 2016

Back to School Toys and Games for Learning Through Play

Today I'll be venturing on another satellite media tour, which means I get to share some awesome toys and games with dozens of TV stations around the country that I wouldn't otherwise get to visit. It also means I get to video-meet a lot of super awesome people.

Today I'll be showing off some of my favorite new toys and games that will help kids learn as they play. These are great for transitioning back into the school year, and for educational play all year round.


$59.99, Ages 4+

Created by WowWee, COJI (coding + emojis), is a new way for kids to learn how to code using one touch commands.

Jimu Robot Explorer Kit

$199.99, Ages 8+

Jimu (from UBtech) is an interactive robotic building block system that will really get the cogs turning in your kid's head. Using the app, kids can share their creations and get inspired through a unique community.


Free for 30 days, then $4.99 per month, Ages 12 and under

Epic! is an amazing library app for your tablet that is filled with awesome books kids and parents will love, and even includes educational videos. Epic is being used in 70% of U.S. elementary schools, so your kids may already be familiar with the library.


$39.99, Ages 2-7

LeapFrog's latest release, LeapStart, is a great new learning toy for Preschool through First Grade. This interactive activity system complements what kids are learning in the classroom and helps them prepare for their next steps in education.


$29.99, Ages 4+

Brightlings is more than just a super cute doll your kids will love. This new toy from Spinmaster is an interactive way for kids to record and create their own music. It's a perfectly adorable way for kids to explore their creativity.

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