Oct 17, 2016

3 fun ways to "SPYce" up your day...and have a playdate with your own pals.

I have only been in LA for a couple of months and while my goal was to start playing and exploring this new city as soon as my boys were both nestled into their respective schools, unpacking, and house renovating, and work took over and I hadn't made it down from my house in the hills nearly as much as I'd liked.

Then came a invitation from a PR firm (via a fellow mom pal), to attend a day of SPY camp in honor of the upcoming film "Keeping Up with The Joneses".  A day of intriguing, spy-like antics with a pack of cool LA moms? Sign me up!

In the upcoming film (out this Friday), "an ordinary suburban couple (Zach Galifianakis, Isla Fisher), finds it's not easy keeping up with their new gorgeous, ultra-sophisticated neighbors (Jon Hamm, Gal Gadot), especially when they discover that Mr. and Mrs. Jones are covert operatives.

The goal of this one day camp was to learn some new skills to "SPY-ce" up our lives, just as the characters do in the film. And that's exactly what we did.

Wanna have a SPY camp of your own for you and your girl squad? Here are 3 suggestions from our day of fun.

SPY Camp 101

1. Fly, baby, FLY!

Our first stop was iFly Hollywood located on Universal City Walk, for a a dose of in-door skydiving. Now, I will admit that I have done this before in Chicago for one of my boy's birthday parties... but nonetheless, when we were all finished our instructor MIGHT have told me I was the best one in the class. (I never received this kind of compliment in any math or science class in high school, so I'm bragging about it now).  It's the closest you will ever get to jumping out of a plane...without jumping out of a plane.  If you ever have the chance to pull on one of those sexy fly suits, squash your nerves, and hurl yourself into the wind... DO IT.  You'll feel 10 years old and fabulous.

2. Learn a new bar trick

The second stop on our SPY day was a dart clinic at Residuals Tavern in Studio City.  Now, you should know that I grew up with two older brothers, which created in me a built-in competitiveness and adventurous spirit. I don't like losing to a boy. Or girl, for that matter. So getting the chance to really learn the basic skills of dart throwing, something I ALWAYS get beaten in by my loving husband, was right up my alley. With just a few quick stance and throwing pointers, I was able to hit a bullseye... after about 10 darts lodged into the surrounding walls, but we're not talking about that anymore. I'm ready for you Jon Sinclair! Bar date ASAP!

3. Cook up something SEXY...

or watch a talented chef with a beautiful thick French accent cook. The final stop on our tour was to Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center for a workshop called "Art of Seduction Cooking." Boom, chicka, bow-wow. You should also know that I have never been and will never be a foodie, food blogger or food-Instagrammer. I appreciate good food, and can make a few tasty dishes rather well, but it's typically not something that turns me on. But watching a super talented chef describe how to whip up a sexy meal, as you sip Bellinis, and taste test it all, is enough to text your husband to come home early from work. Risotto is my food obsession so this pumpkin version served in a mini pumpkin of course, made my heart sing "I'm on Fire".

All of us could use an escape now and again. Whether it's a day of stepping outside of our happy little comfort zones to experience something new, or going to a midday matinee with a bunch of mom-pals to stare at Jon Hamm and laugh out loud. I am psyched to see "Keeping Up With The Joneses" and if ya wanna join me for a little hooky-playing in LA,  LMK!

Keeping Up with The Jones hits theaters this Friday! Check out the trailer below if you haven't seen it yet:

Thanks to Twentieth Century Fox for the fun day of covert operations.

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