Oct 3, 2016

More Fun Mondays: Coffee or Tea?

It is finally starting to feel like Fall. Which means we're switching from iced coffee and iced tea to a warm cup of caffeine in the mornings.

Start your week off with a little extra pep by making your morning routine a little more playful. Here are five ways to make your Monday morning coffee or tea a little more fun:

1. Cute Cup Cozy
Next time you're at the coffee shop, skip the cardboard sleeve and opt for something a little more personal. Available in pretty much any theme—Star Wars to fall leaves and popsicles to princesses—not only is this a reusable, eco-friendly option,  it's much cuter.

2. Tea Infuser
Do you need a tiny gold animal to help steep your tea leaves? Probably not, but it's more fun this way. Any sort of charm will do, and you could probably DIY one if you had the time, but this tiny gold giraffe will definitely make you smile.

3. Countertop Cannisters
Stop displaying a half-empty, semi-closed bag of coffee grounds on your countertop and opt for something a little more colorful. These particular coffee canisters are handcrafted, making them extra special, but anything that fits your kitchen vibes will do!

4. Mugs and Tumblers
If you like online shopping, you should probably check out (or maybe steer clear) of Society6. The site lets you put artwork from their gallery on pretty much anything, including mugs and travel tumblers. Go for the VHS and chill mug, because you can teach your kids something about technology for once, and the palm tree tumbler because while we can't always be on vacation, it's nice to dream.

5. Vintage Cream & Sugar Set
There is no shortage of slightly strange vintage cream and sugar sets on Etsy (like this lucite set and these super purple polka dots).  Chances are you'll find something to fit your style and add some pop to your countertop. Using a fun pairing is totally a nostalgia trip back to playing tea time as a kid, too.

Not only are all these beverage accessories super fun, they're online marketplaces Etsy and Society 6, so you're supporting small businesses AND toting around something none of your pals will have, too... unless you want to buy them a matching cup cozy which would be super nice of you.


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