Oct 31, 2016

More Fun Mondays: Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

Weekday holidays are less than ideal, especially when they fall on a Monday, but we're determined to have a very Happy Halloween this year. In case you spent the weekend sipping cider and putting the final touches on your kids' costumes, here are five easy ways to make your Halloween a little bit spooky:

1.  The Costume: Space!

Finally, the day has come that you can copy James Charles' Snapchat filter makeup tutorial and walk around with the most beautiful constellation makeup on all day.

2. The Trick: Sparkling Spider Ice Cubes

This particular DIY is attached to a cocktail recipe, but you could make these creepy cubes while the kids are at school and serve them in a non-alcoholic beverage just as easily. Just remember to use food-safe spray if you decide to sparkle your spiders.

3. The Treat: Spider Bites

Speaking of spiders, this snack is easy to make and goes from prep to plate in under 20 minutes. For something healthier, these clementine jack-o-lanterns are always a hit.

4. A Game: Google Doodle Magic Cat

This game is adorable, and bewitching. It's really simple, super addictive, and a very sweet Halloween surprise from Google. 

5. A Doable DIY (or two): Gauze Ghosts & Glowing Broomsticks

Throw on your favorite Halloween flick (Hocus Pocus, anyone?), get out your craft supplies, and make a few easy things. The ghosts would be cute lined up in your window, while Glowing Broomsticks are a fun surprise for trick-or-treaters.

Have a monster of a Monday!

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