Oct 11, 2016

Spooktacular Halloween Decor

With just a couple weeks left until Halloween, it’s time to make your home the most alluring one on the block for trick-or-treaters and friendly ghouls.

This morning on TODAY, we showed off a few great decoration pieces you can pick up to make your home really spooktacular this October.

Animated Jumping Spiders

Pop these jumping spiders by your front porch or doorway and give your guests a friendly scare. These spiders quietly sit in their webs and wait to pounce. With their LED eyes, spooky sounds, and sudden jumping action, powered by motion and sound these are the arachnids you’re looking for. $59.98, The Home Depot

Eerie Bat Trees

These pre-lit batty trees are the perfect way to brighten up your front door on Halloween night. Each sculptural branch is filled with mini orange lights and a flutter of baby bats. It’s easy to create a spooky forest filled with little bats by combining several of these trees in various sizes. They each come with a stand and a 36’ cord that plugs into any standard outlet, making decorating your porch a snap. $79.00, 3 ft tree from Grandin Road

Animatronic Witch Door Knocker

Only the bravest of trick-or-treaters will dare knock on your door with this fully animatronic witch there to greet them. Hers eyes light up and her creepy toothed- mouth moves realistically as she speaks her scary sayings like “darkness wraps you in its sleep, you shall have eternal sleep…bwahh ha ha”.  $36.99, Spirit Halloween

Window FX Spooky Animation Kit

Be the most tech-savvy and scariest house on the block with the Window FX Projector Display Kit. This kit makes it easier than ever to project spooky animated scenes for all to see. Simply place the screen provided into the inside of your window, point the projector at it, and play one of the 12 digitally animated videos included. Remote control included as well making it easy to manipulate as guests arrive. $69.99, The Home Depot

Fogging Gaseous Ghoul

Nothing says spooky like a little fog machine action. Kick it up this year with this gaseous ghoul that easily hooks up to any fog machine. Once connected, watch this guy spew fog from his gnarled teeth. He’ll be your greeter of guests for years to come. $39.99, Spirit Halloween (Fog fluid 19.99, and machine 79.99, sold separately)

Skeleton Animals

One of the trendiest decorations of the season are these “PET-rified” skeletons. Pop a stick or newspaper into one of Grandin Road’s pooches mouths to create your own zombie dog, or display a collection of skeletal critters like these from both Grandin Road and Home Depot. They’ll amuse kids of all ages. Range from 19.99-59.99, Grandin Road and The Home Depot

5 ft Skeleton Figure

This super realistic skeleton figure will be the master of the house on Halloween night. He’s got flexible limbs and a hinged jaw that allow you to pose him anyway you see fit. He’s made of durable plastic and has an antique bone finish making him almost too real.  $69.99, Grandin Road

6ft Animatronic Swinging Scarecrow

The most creepy and playful scarecrow you’ve ever seen will entertain your visitors with his evil laugh and ghoulishly humorous sayings. Hang him on your porch or other sheltered area around your home. He’s fully animatronic and step pad compatible. $199.99, Spirit Halloween

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