Nov 18, 2016

How to create a playful Thanksgiving kids' table

Yesterday I stopped by the always wonderful TODAY show to share a few tips on creating a playful Thanksgiving kids' table they won't want to leave.

Here are five super fun and easy ways to create a kid-friendly Thanksgiving table:

1. Color Me Tablecloth

This can be as easy as putting down some butcher or easel paper, but I also love these HUGE coloring pages from Caravan. You purchase the file, and take it to your local print shop. Easy peasy.

2. Craft Time

I love these simple craft kits from Paper Source. They're a time saver for parents and a time killer for kids. These particular turkeys can be made while dinner is still cooking, and then used as placecards for your meal!

3. Get your games on

Okay sure there is football on tv, but bring a bit of competition into your celebration by creating little game stations, like the tic-tac-toe table featured below. 

4. Act it out

Yesterday I shared a special Thanksgiving Day charades printable (for FREE!). I included a few classic Thanksgiving clues, but also a blank sheet, so you can add your own inside jokes or even family members! This is a great post-dinner activity for the whole family to play together.

5. Snack-atizers

Prevent the "I'm hungry!!!" complaints by putting a few healthy snacks on the kids' table before dinner. A few ideas: apple slices with dips, carrot and celery sticks. Plus, you can craft the little containers they're served in. For something sweeter, set up a create a cookie-decorating station!

PS: I loved seeing the grown-up table DIY ideas Brooke Mahan of What's Up Moms shared. You can check them out at the beginning of the segment video.

And did I mention, Tony Danza was co-hosting? So cool!

Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving fun next week!

Images courtesy TODAY, Caravan, and Paper Source

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