Dec 27, 2016

DIY 2016 New Year's Eve Family Time Capsules

Gearing up for New Years Eve with your family but not sure what to do as you're waiting for the ball to drop? This week on Hallmark's Home & Family, I shared a really fun DIY that the whole family can do together.

This time capsule can be made as personalized as you like, and made to fit your family's style. Or if you're feeling ambitious, each  member of your family can make their own!

DIY New Year's Eve Time Capsule

1. Find a vessel for your capsule. It can be something you have lying around the house, like an empty Pringles can, paint can, or empty shoe box. If you'd like, craft stores have some great buckets and cans to use as well. 

2. Decorate your time capsule. Use stickers, photos, GLITTER!!, whatever you think represents your 2016.

3. Add special items to your capsule. Anything goes! Ticket stubs, photos, souvenirs, whatever is a reminder of your best memories of 2016. If your capsule is smaller, try having each family member pick one item to add and tell the story that goes along with it.

4. Fill out this New Year's Eve Time Capsule printable with the fam. Fill it with good memories, funny stories, and things you never want to forget.

Cheers to the New Year! Can't wait to gear up for more PLAY in 2017!


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