Jan 23, 2017

More Fun Mondays: DIY with Balloons

The end of January is the beginning of wondering if winter will ever end. The snow is all slushy and for some reason it is 60 degrees one day and 25 the next.

In order to bring a little pop of play and color into your life, I'm sharing four super easy DIY projects that you can do TODAY with balloons. Seriously. Easy enough for a Monday evening.

And don't balloons always make everything more fun?

DIY  Colorful Glass Grips (or Candle Holders)

I found these on two different blogs being used in completely different ways. I love how the candle holders look like they were dipped in paint, and LOVE how the balloon makes a nice grip on your drinking glass. Plus, so easy to tell which glass of wine, er water, is yours. No-slip grip DIY here, and DIY candles here.

DIY Glitter Bowls

Glitter AND balloons? A serious fun home run. Plus, who doesn't need more catch-all bowls around the house? Get your glitter and head to What's Up Moms for instructions.

DIY Balloon Chandelier 

Great for birthday parties, or just celebrating getting through your Monday afternoon.This one will take a little longer, but I think it's worth it. Instructions over on A Subtle Revelry.

DIY Emoji Stress Balls

Things feeling a little tense (I hear ya). Use an angry emoji to help get the stress out, or a goofy one to remind you to SMILE. Learn how-to from Chloe me just me, run by an awesome young YouTube star.

If you need me, I'll be making a series of Emoji stress balls tonight.

Cheers to a more-fun Monday!

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