Jan 9, 2017

Planning for Play in 2017

Planners are making a comeback. Sure, having our calendars on our smartphones is incredibly convenient, but there's something special about planning everything out on paper.

As I talk about in my book, planning for play is so important. Making sure we are making time to have fun is just as important as setting aside time to get work done. And a little prep can sure go a longggg way in getting the family together around a game or art project.

After you fill out your 2017 playlist, consider taking it one step farther and getting a family planner to keep in your house's hub (mine's definitely the kitchen). Or hey, the traditional calendar is fun, too. Then stock up on colorful supplies and get ready for a year filled with play.

Here are just a couple ideas for some awesome planning supplies that will definitely spark a playful spirit as you map out your week, month and year:

It's All Good Sticky Notepad

Knock Knock is my go-to for notepads for literally everything: meal planning, packing, love notes, etc. I love these positive message stickies for everyday motivation and a little extra spring in your step. Keep 'em in a kitchen drawer so they're at the ready. Leave one for friends, family, your partner, your delivery person... anyone will appreciate a little note of appreciation. 

Color & Glitter Gel Pens

I LOVE all the colorful office goodies from Yoobi, a line at Target that helps provide school supplies for kids who can't afford them. And anything worth writing down is probably deserving of the gel pen treatment. Your weekend plans just got a lot more sparkly.

Colorful Desk Organizers

Poppin is basically the king of playful office supplies for grown-ups. If you pledged to play more this year AND get organized, they're your new best friend. I love how easy it is to mix and match their desk organizers. Use these to make a play HQ in your house and everyone will be more than happy to gather 'round. 

Message Lightbox

I have a different kind of message board in my kitchen, but anything to motivate some play in your house will do. This lightbox makes play the main event. Get pumped up for your weekend adventures, or family game night. This Friday: Trivia Showdown.

Cloud Tape Dispenser

For taping your big dreams to the fridge, or adding a rainbow to your planner page. It may seem silly, but using fun items like rainbow tape in place or regular ol' clear tape really does brighten my day. 

Cheers to planning your new year!

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