Feb 13, 2017

Happy Galentine's Day!

Happy Galentine's Day to all my girlfriends out there!

What is Galentine's Day you ask? Let's let Leslie Knope handle that:

Galentine's Day, which was born from Parks and Rec and has blossomed into a beautiful tradition (you can read more on Wikipedia!) takes place the day before Valentine's Day.

I celebrated this past weekend with a few of my gal pals in LA. We sipped cocktails in the sunshine and celebrated the amazing thing that is friendship.

Have I mentioned how great a bar cart is? We use ours for pretty much everything from hot cocoa bars to cocktail parties.

We had so much fun and didn't want the day to end. Which got me thinking about how important it really is to treasure those friendships with your gals year round.

There's a whole section in my book dedicated to maintaining playful friendships. One of my favorite secrets is to keep in touch offline. The offline part is key.

This year, I put together a few Valentines to send to my Galentines that I wasn't able to hang with yesterday.

Yes, there was definitely glitter involved. But it can be as easy as sending a postcard, or cutting something out of your favorite magazine that reminded you of her and sending it off, snail mail style.

Here are a few of my fave stationary items to inspire you to send some love to your gal pals this week:

Fun stamps from USPS.com

Sure, those boring stamps are fine for sending off bills, but pick out a fun sheet or two of stamps that celebrate amazing women, fictitious or totally real heroes.

Printable funnies 

I am loving these (free!) Bachelor-themed card downloads from Wit & Delight. Even better that this reality show airs tonight!

A quote to make her laugh

Or laugh until she cries, from your favorite book. I like to look up quotes on Goodreads, starting with authors we both love.

A colorful envelope

For a pop of surprise when she opens her mailbox. Nothing like instantly knowing the good stuff is in there along with the junk. I like to grab a box or two from Paper Source.

Remember that sometimes we need to PLAN for play. It's not always spontaneous. I love to stock up on a few items at a time, and write postcards to my friends while catching up on TV... usually with a glass of wine. This little ritual means surprises for my friends, and a happy text when they receive their card that totally brightens my day.

Cheers to you and your bestie!

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