Oct 19, 2017

Easy Stranger Things Watch Party

I love a themed party, and it is definitely the season for them.

But a theme party can take SO much work and prep. So today I'm sharing an easy one. A Stranger Things watch party so you can binge on Season 1 with your friends this weekend and prep for Season 2. And it's super easy to put together.

Set the Scene

The best part of this party, is you probably already have the decorations. It's basically a mash-up of Halloween and Christmas decor.

I recommend a few easy things like Halloween spiderwebs and Christmas lights. All of the Christmas lights you own. Then grab a few items in your living room and flip 'em over. Because... it's... The Upside Down.

For your binge watching pleasure, set up a projector screen and make a pillow and blanket fort, just like Eleven's cozy cave in Mike's basement.

Snack Time

For dinner, have a BARB-eque and cook up some of Eleven's faves: shoestring fries and burgers from Benny's Burgers. Grab some fry and burgers bags for an authentic look.

When the boys are prepping for “Operation Mirkwood”, Dustin has snacks covered. As a salute to his preparedness, make a twist on the trail mix he brings along and make these TrailMix Popcorn Clusters. The recipe from G.H. Cretors, sounds the perfect balance of sweet and savory for snacking.

Obviously for a late night snack, Eggos. Set up a waffle bar with a variety of toppings for your guests. And for dessert, Dustin's fave: chocolate pudding.

Things to Do

Obviously, watch Season 1 of Stranger Things, and wrap up the night by watching the trailers for Season 2.

Since the boys' favorite game is Dungeons and Dragons, print out a few of these D&D coloring pages to fill in while you're watching.

I also love these Stranger Things Bingo cards from Etsy that are available for instant download.

And if you need a binge break, take after our favorite Demogorgon hunters and go for a bike ride around the neighborhood.

Can't wait to watch Season 2! Justice for Barb!

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