Nov 20, 2017

Using the Power of Play on Thanksgiving

My number one goal at family gatherings, especially around the holidays, is to get all ages to ditch their devices and PLAY together. Whether you're cooking, reminiscing, or playing a new game together, the together part is the most important, and I wanted to share a few ideas and toys that can help you get started.

Here are a few pops of playfulness to place around your house this Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving to give people that kickstart they need to ignite the spirit of play.

Turkey on the Table

This little gobbler is not only a super cute addition to your Thanksgiving table, he helps teach the younger members of your family about being thankful for what they have, especially as all the new toys and games are popping up around this time of the year. This is a great centerpiece and conversation starter that's reusable year after year.

Utter Nonsense: Family Edition

The more something doesn't make sense in this game, the better. I love how Utter Nonsense can let you see a silly side of a family member that may have been hiding before, and really get the belly laughs going.


My family absolutely loves this game, and it really never gets old. It's great to play with all ages, and spins a little history into family time as well.


This is a great game to place on your kitchen island or kids table while everyone is cooking. Grown ups will have fond memories, and kids will love it for the first time. This is a family favorite of ours.

Arts and Crafts

A little DIY is a great way to get kids involved in Thanksgiving traditions and contributing to the holiday table, without having a bunch of extra hands in the kitchen. I love the adorable Fall Foxes Placecard Kit and DIY Turkey Centerpiece as two ideas for family projects from PaperSource.

Also check out these FREE Thanskgiving game printables from last week.

Cheers to a Thanksgiving filled with playful family memories and new traditions!

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