Dec 10, 2017

Elf Movie Family Game

It is no secret that my family's favorite movie, holiday or otherwise, is definitely Elf. Hands down, no contest.

When the boys were younger we used to love playing a "drinking game" as we watched Will Ferrell tromp around New York City in his North Pole get up. Today I'm sharing a quick printable you and your family can use to play along, too.

Elf Hot Cocoa Family Game

How to Play 

Make sure everyone has a warm cup of cocoa and a bowl of mini marshmallows within reach. Before turning on Elf, I like to assign a quote or signal to each member of the family. That way, when their signal happens on screen, they can shout out "marshmallow!" and everyone can pop one in their mug. And if you're over 21, it doesn't hurt to pop a little Bailey's in there.

Get the Elf Family Game Printable


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