Feb 9, 2018

Olympic Ring Protein Pancakes

I've been counting down to the official kick-off of the Winter Olympics, tonight's Opening Ceremony, for what feels like foreverrrrr, and tonight we finally get to watch! I recommend playing this Bingo game to add the competitive edge.

Tonight we'll be watching the broadcast version on NBC, since the Opening Ceremony is actually already in the books. There's quite a time difference between the States and South Korea, where the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic games are being held. In case you weren't sure they're almost a day ahead of us:

Eastern time: 14 hours
Central time: 15 hours
Mountain time: 16 hours
Pacific time: 17 hours

Of course there are special broadcasts on our TV stations to accommodate, you know, those of us with normal sleep schedules. But I'm sure there are some diehards that love to stream the events live.

No matter what time you're watching the Olympic Athletes compete their hearts out, these Krusteaz Protein Pancakes make a great breakfast or snack. If you have kids, it's a good way to have a conversation about the lifestyle and diets of these athletes.

They're also just super delicious.

I made this batch with an extra protein punch, combining the mix with milk and eggs instead of water. Once the batter was made, I divided it into five smaller bowls to do the separate coloring.

They were super fluffy and had that perfect golden color... or at least they would have if I hadn't used food dye... 

It was a little difficult to get those really solid tones of the Olympic Rings, but these were a lot of fun to make, and I never promised you a food blog. In case you want to avoid food coloring, I'd recommend finding toppings that work to make the colors of the rings. Strawberry jam for red, maybe some Oreo crumble for black... get creative and let everyone create their own plate. A few weeks ago I used this protein pancake mix with blueberries I had frozen last summer and they were deeeelicious, and a great way to start the weekend.

This morning I sent out an email to my PlayList with a wrap-up of all my Winter Olympic content, and a few bonus goodies. If you're not on the list yet, you can sign up here!

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