Mar 30, 2018

Keeping It Classic on National Stripes Day

Back in 1984, when I was a full on teenager, the classic striped rugby shirt seemed to be on everyone’s style wish list.

The pullover that turned my head when worn by the upperclassmen boys I crushed on, and for me, something I really wanted for my own closet.

Back then, J. Crew was a bit out of my parent’s budget, so I never possessed a real one of my own.

Fast forward 34 years, I’m shopping with my family at the Grove in LA, and you can only imagine my teenage elation when I see the windows of J. Crew peppered with brightly striped rugby shirts on parade!

Yep, They’re BAAAAACK! It’s all 1984 up in here, girls and boys! 

It should come as no surprise that I marched myself right in there, and bought myself one on the spot. I know these bad boys aren’t going to last, and I wasn’t about to miss my shot.

It was hard to decide on the color-combo… there are so many to pick from! But after a little consult with my hubs (who consequently I met in 1985 so he gets it), I landed on the orange and white color combo (or Cerise Ivory as J. Crew calls it). It just feels most like me, and perfect for the launch of SPRING!

For a spring walk, I paired my new fave shirt with some white denim and my go-to sneakers. I can't wait to mix it up. In the video below from J. Crew, they recommend pairing with a full skirt! Love it!

With tomorrow being the second annual National Stripes Day (created by J. Crew of course), I figured this was the perfect opportunity to share this style fave. For me, this throw-back fashion classic is a playful reminder to let my inner 14 year old out a little more… especially during spring.

Cheers to spring stripes and playful style!
— Meredith


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