There is nothing magical about training dogs. Good dog training is common sense coupled with a foundation of experience and a clear understanding of the way dogs think. The key is to get the right experience, with the right (experienced) trainer. If you find this you will then begin to develop a meaningful relationship based on trust, communication, and control that both you and your dog will understand.

Join us for effective, fun, and humane training that will reward you with a lifetime of good communication between you and your dog!

Puppy & Adult Dog Obedience Training

Group Training classes offer dogs and their owners the opportunity to learn in a fun, motivating environment with like-minded people and plenty of dog socialization. Our Group sessions are designed for those who want their dogs to learn self-control, obedience under distraction, appropriate social skills, and attentiveness to command. Common behavioral problems are addressed and the instructor is available after class to answer individual questions. Class size is limited to ensure quality instruction.



All training classes are held at the Wright-Way Rescue Adoption Center located at 7136 W Touhy Ave in Niles IL. Classes are instructed in a large indoor training arena. Floor matting is provided for the safety and comfort of canine participants. All dogs must provide proof of current vaccines (Parvo/Distemper, Rabies, and Bordatella) to attend. The first class is an orientation without your dog.

TO ENROLL - Simply visit the Wright-Way Rescue Adoption Center or call in your registration to 847 972-1058.

Please call 847 972-1058 for current class schedule.
New classes always forming!
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