Bronald Oil & Gas, LLC has initially focused its development and production efforts on Osage County, Oklahoma. Its initial efforts have been to acquire oil and gas leases covering areas with historical production and the opportunity for re-entry drilling as well as new drilling opportunities. Bronald also hopes to partner with other developers to jointly exploit significant additional assets by leveraging Bronald’s infrastructure.

    Bronald has also initially targeted potential development opportunities in Texas, Louisiana and Florida. Bronald hopes to be able to leverage its network of existing relationships in these areas to secure significant development opportunities. [Map of Oklahoma] [Map of Texas] [Map of Louisiana] [Map of Florida] [Or Map of US with these four states highlighted] International Bronald is also working with other development partners to identify and develop oil and gas reserves internationally. These efforts have initially been focused on Central America, while Bronald intends to also carefully review other international opportunities in such places as Africa. Once again, Bronald intends to leverage its network of existing relationships to identify and secure development opportunities.

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