Entre Corazon Y Mar

Tijuana • 2004

"Entre Corazon Y Mar” (Between the Heart and Sea) was built in the summer of 2004. The park is on land owned by Caminos y Puentes Federales (CAPUFE the Mexican State Highway department) and is on a point jutting out into the Pacific. This park is a series of sculptural elements along a sloping pathway leading to the highest point, the portal. As the pathway takes you up to the portal you are looking away from the ocean and then you turn into the portal and your perspective is completely changed and your eyes are filled with the deep blue color of the Pacific. Being in the portal simultaneously contains you and orients you to see out across the ocean to the nearby Coronado Islands. 

Although the City of Tijuana is on the Pacific, the steep terrain allows very little public access to the coast. This site located on the southern tip of Tijuana is one of few sites that allow the public access to the ocean. 

Caminos y Puentes brought in over 80 trucks of earth to sculpt the land and raise the area of the portal to have a commanding view of the Pacific. The City of Tijuana also provided native drought resistant plants that will naturally spread and create ground cover for the entire park. 

The students from Vladivostok, Yantai, San Diego, and Tijuana stayed on a ranch in La Gloria, a neighborhood in Tijuana. Having the students live together allowed them to explore their different cultures and enjoy the hospitality and warmth of the Mexican people. Lifelong friendships sprang from shared meals, conversation, music, photos, and the exchange of ideas that flowed from both similarities and differences in students’ backgrounds. 

Key organizations

  • Pacific Rim Park 
  • Ilan-Lael Foundation
  • Caminos Y Fuentes Federales
  • Iberoamericana
  • Insituto Tecnologico
  • Mission Valley Rotary Club
  • Rosarito Beach Rotary Club
  • Tijuana Rotary Club
  • City of Tijuana