Oct 27, 2014

5 Ways to Play This Halloween

So, this is a bit last minute… but why not round up the neighborhood after trick-or-treating? Kids tend to be circling the neighborhood earlier and earlier, giving you some space before Friday night bedtime to play. The kids can compare candy and play pretend while the parents sip cocktails and reminisce over when you all had tots dressed as bunnies and fairies and everything else adorable.

On board? We hope so. Here are five ways to play this Halloween at your post trick-or-treating get together:

1. Create a Halloween photo booth. Everyone is already in costume, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a few extra masks or props lying around. You can either DIY it, or pick up a spooky shower curtain to use as a backdrop.

2. Eyeball BalloonsI am always shocked by how entertaining a balloon can be, no matter your age. Decorate a few like gross eyeballs for the kids to play with after trick-or-treating and pretty soon they’ll be tired out and ready for bed.

3. Brew Some Beverages. Forget weird punches with goblin eyes floating inside. Instead, stick with something tasty and topical, like Green Apple Mojitos or Pumpkin Fizz cocktails. *Grown-up ghouls only 

4. The New Pumpkins. We’re a little over the gunk and mess that comes along with pumpkin carving this year. Instead, turn your pumpkin into a mummy, paint it, or cover it in pom poms!

5. Lace Face. Love getting into costume but hate hunting for the perfect one? Not to mention cost or DIY? The most simple solution is to lace your face! It’s beautiful, classy, and probably doable with what you already have at home.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Halloween as a family? These are just some of our favorite suggestions from around the web this week that really caught our attention.

—Alaina Buzas, contributor

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