Oct 21, 2014

Simple and Fun Ways to Preserve Autumn Leaves

If you live in an area where your trees are in full bloom, it’s time to go for a long walk around your hood, or in a patch of woods an hunt for leafy treasures. They’ll make a lovely addition to your Autumnal vibe and Thanksgiving table.

I have to say that both methods are super simple, but the whole melting wax and dipping leaves thing is way more fun.

I've included the step-by-step instructions along with photos for the wax dipping method below. If you try it out, tag me on Instagram @meredithplays.

Flatten your leaves between some newspaper over night...

Slowly melt a rectangle of Gulf Wax (found in the grocery store) in a double boiler...

 hold your leaves by the stem and dip away!

Tips: Melting the wax takes about 15 minutes. You want to keep the water at a steady low boil and make sure to not boil the wax.  Then dip, shake off, and hang up to dry.  Creates a beautiful shiny look on your leaves, while preserving their gorgeous color.

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