Oct 16, 2014

Toy and Game Ideas for Indoor Play

Gearing Up for Winter Weather and Indoor Play

The season of hours upon hours indoors is sneaking up on us. Prepare yourself, and your family, for all that inside time with a few purchases ahead of time and maybe save yourself some sanity. This is a small list of things we’ve seen around the web this week that had us almost wishing for cold weather (but not quite).

  • Junior Wonder Golf Set, $70, Magic Cabin
    For your dreams of warmer days and spring weather games

  • Tumbling Mat, $113 new, Amazon
    For getting out some energy, safely

  • Crazy Forts Flex, $60, Building Blocks Toys
    For adding structure to a fort that doesn’t include all your tables and chairs.

  • Box of Winter Activities, $18, Etsy
    For when you’ve run out of ideas 

  • Kardboard Kingdom, $80, Land of Nod
    For a little play space. Between coloring, decorating and building this castle, they should be busy for at LEAST a few days… right?

  • Custom memory game, $20, Pinhole PressFor stretching those brain muscles.
—Alaina Buzas, Contributor

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