Oct 15, 2014

How to Rock a Graphic Tee Without Mortifying Your Teenagers

Graphic tees, and tanks, and sweaters are just about everywhere this fall. From Forever 21 to high end boutiques and luxury brands,  it appears that slapping clever phrases and personal mantras across our “girls” is where it’s at.  It took me approximately 4 ½ minutes to jump onto this playful fashion band wagon and now I’ve been collecting wordy shirts for weeks.

I wear them to the grocery store, alone as I write, to walk the dog, and all dressed up for fun nights out with my man.

They’re a conversation starter, an unexpected nod to something you love, or just a fun way to express how you might be feeling on a particular day. Or how you wish you were feeling on a particular day.

Yep, I’m “obsessed”.

Hope this vid. gives you a bit of inspiration to rock some words with the rest of the kids. And me.

Life is way too short and serious not to have a little fun with the way you look.

Cheers, people.

*And a special round of applause to Truman Sinclair for the lovely blown-out belly button ya’ll witnessed. All 9.5 pounds of him in the belly will do that fo'shizzle.

*Favorite high- waisted denims of the moment by LOVE Premium Denim.

Disclaimer: No one paid me for this here vlog post.  I think of it as my civil duty.

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