Oct 19, 2015

A video reminder to find the frivolity and playfulness in the every-dang day! Happy Monday, ya'll!

I came across this video today and it was the perfect antidote to my worsening case of the Mondays. It's an audio- visual metaphor for how to inject pops of playfulness into our everyday "stuff".

 I write a lot about how to PLAY alongside and with our kids in my new book "Well Played", but this dad and his daughters, dancing together, all spur-of-the-moment-like says it all. He's not playing with his kiddos ALL DAY LONG,  he's not helicoptering over their playtime, and he's not turning on a screen and bolting.
 He's letting them do their thing, and then jumping in and doing his thing along with them. Both elevating their playful spirits, and igniting his own.

 I encourage you today, whether you have youngins along side you or not, to bust a playful move all over this Monday. Find a 15 minute moment to spark your own playful spirit and show the world you still know how to have yourself some good old fashioned F.U.N.!  Go on, now...

 #BeWellPlayed xo, M

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