Oct 5, 2015

Well Played Product Review... Storytime Theater, by Cami.

Happy Monday all!

Hope you all had a mighty playful weekend.

Here on the blog,  I'm starting a new little series called "Well Played Reviews".
Short videos that feature simple ways to make your life a little more playful and fun.

I'll be doing some of the reviews myself and I'll be farming some of them out to my pals, like my niece Cami.  Cami has her own kid's cooking show over on Youtube called Don't Yuck my Yum, so she's a pro at the whole vlogging thing. Her brother Donovan makes cameos in her videos, and he'll be popping up here periodically to tell you about various awesome playthings as well.

Today Cami is sharing something I just featured in a batch of TV segments, featuring great ways to play after school.  It's called "Storytime Theater"  And I think it pretty much rocks the after school and before bedtime party.
SO without further delay, here's Cami to show you how it works.

You can find out more about Storytime Theater HERE:.http://www.getstorytime.com

Disclaimer:  This is not an Ad.  No one was paid in the making of this video.  Shocking, I know.

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