Apr 20, 2016

Toys and Games for a Playful Summer 2016

On Monday I had the pleasure of hanging out with some of my favorite people over at WGN Chicago. Plus, I brought along my son Maxwell so you know it was a great time.

During the segment, I shared a variety of great games and toys to keep the kids playing outdoors all summer long. We're working on getting the video now, but in the meantime, check out all the best new toys and games for this summer:

Keep the Kids Cool

Upgrade from your sprinkler to these awesome water games for hot summer days. Hurricane Resuable Water Balls from Prime Time Toys ($7.99, Ages 5+) are a new twist on water balloons that will keep you from picking tiny balloon pieces out of your yard all summer.

The game Wet Head from Zing Toys ($14.99, Ages 4+) is going viral for it's surprise element and hilarious reactions. There's an app you can use to upload your challenges and see the funniest surprises from other families.

For little ones who love their playsets, the Water Park with Slides from Playmobil ($59.99, Ages 4-10) is great for outdoor imaginative play. Littler kids will also love the Beach Basket from American Plastic Toys ($9.99, Ages 1+). Parents will love it for how easy it is to stack, carry and cart to and from the beach.

Protect the tots from the sun with these Critter Umbrellas from ShedRain ($14.99). Let your kids choose from a cat, a frog, an owl or a bat!

Summer Speedsters

For kids with a need for speed, I recommend NEON Street Rollers from Yvolution ($29.99, Ages 6+) and the new XPV Marvel RC Rollover Rumbler from JAKKS Pacific ($49.99, Ages 4+). The rollers turn your basic sneakers into skates, so they're great for travel or throwing in a backpack for a playdate. Kids will love the new RC car with all the super hero hype happening this year. They can pick a car for their fave caped crusader and cruise all around the neighborhood.

Taking Home on the Road

And for a little bit of home comfort while you're traveling on summer vacay, pack a few Dream Buddies from Cloud b ($16.99, All Ages). They're super cute and even project stars on the ceiling with a soft glow, so even a hotel room or camping tent will feel like home for your little ones.

SO many awesome new toys and games for playing allll summer long. What are your family faves?

And don't forget! My book is now available for pre-order!

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