Sep 13, 2016

Totally not-boring after-school snacks

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a classic that will never get old, but mixing up your after-school snack routine every once in a while is a great idea.

Here are five playful twists on some classic after-school treats. Hopefully they'll help your kids look forward to not leaving the table until they finish their homework (we can dream!).

Yes, really. Put away the plastic-wrapped American cheese slices, grab some food coloring, and make the most amazing after-school snack to ever exist. You could serve it without sprinkles, but why?

A healthier but still super delicious twist on the traditional cookie. You'll need to hide the cookie jar. Plus, a sneaky way to get flaxseed into your family's diet.

Do colorful things taste better? Maybe. Make the smoothie base ahead of time and this is a super quick, and healthy, build-your-own after school snack.  

Bake these at the beginning of the week and you're set for a week of after-school snacks. These are pretty healthy too, baked with quinoa and no added sugar.

A twist on both apples with peanut butter, and traditional nachos, these crunchy treats are another great build-your-own snack for kids that can go sweet or savory.

And as we're waiting for the weather to cool down a bit, keep the kids chill with these frozen treats.

What's your go-to after-school snack? 

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