Oct 26, 2016

Making Board Games Less BORING! In 2 simple steps.

Most of us have a few precious childhood memories involving the winning, losing, and friendly battling it out over something containing a board, a spinner, some cards, and a bunch of symbolic player pieces.  I have always picked yellow or the scotty dog when available.

And while I do think digital games have their place in our children's lives,  there is something unmatched by folks huddled around a board, taking turns, strategizing their next move, and talking to one another the whole way through.  Ya see, no matter your age, agility with a controller or ability to translate what you see on a screen into actual actions of your "guy",  with a little luck and chance on your side, you can beat your older siblings at a board game, fair and square.

So, grab your favorite game in a box, make up a silly theme around it, and get your gaming ON.

For more fun ideas for how to awaken your family's playful spirit, check out my little book that could, HERE.



  1. Awww! Bryson and I play Marvel Super Hero Trouble, Marvel Super Hero Chutes & Ladders, and of course, Candy Land. There are fun versions of classic games that make them so much more appealing. Great video! (PS- I grab a beer and put on my favorite music while we play)

  2. I LOVE that you are playing loads of board games with your littles! Doing this when they are small definitely helps keep their interest a little longer as they become older and more tech-toy driven. Well played, mama!


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