Oct 24, 2016

More Fun Mondays: Creating a Cozy Nook

It's turning into the sort of weather where all you want to do is curl up with your favorite book, or craft project, or family member, or pet, and snuggle away your Saturday. But creating a designated space for that sort of chillaxing can be difficult—you need to be away from a TV and also not in the way of everyone else.

After scouring the internet for the best ideas for DIY-ing that sort of thing, it seems there are a couple of things all DIY cozy nooks need:

  • Lots of pillows
  • Nearby bookshelves
  • Fun lighting
  • The option of privacy
There are some great ideas for turning a spare closet into a nook, and some other solutions we've found that can be temporary chill spaces. 

(all nook ideas found via a Pinterest search for "book nooks"... prepare to be overwhelmed)

Here are a few inspirational themes to get you started: 

Adventure Awaits Book Nook

Book Worm Book Nook

Animal Lovers Book Nook

What theme would your kids (or you!) love in a cozy book nook? 

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