Mar 23, 2018

Roxy's Faves for National Puppy Day

Today is National Puppy Day, so of course I'm showering our family pup Roxy with oodles of love, lots of play, and some long walks.

We rescued this old-soul, playful yet gentle spirit of a dog when she was three months old. We weren’t looking for a dog. At all. But this pup and I locked eyes, I asked if I could hold her, and something inside me knew I didn’t want ANY puppy... I wanted THIS puppy.

I also knew with my youngest boy going to full day school that fall, she would be the perfect new sidekick. And I was spot on.

Since she's part of the Sinclair crew, of course she also has a very playful puppy lifestyle. Today I'm sharing a few of her favorite things (that we love as well).

1 Collapsible dog water bowl for our short hikes in the canyon. / 2 Leather pet collar. Gotta have that LA style! / 3 Bacon Bubble Machine for dogs! Puppys love chasing bubbles as much as we do. These are safe for them to fetch. / 4 Fleece dog vest for cold winter morning walks / 5 Stainless steel dog bowls with non-skid bottoms are just a dog's life staple

6 Peanut Butter flavored dog bubbles. I love sticking these in my pocket when we go for a walk. / 7 Tug ropes are the tried-and-true dog toy that just won't quit. / 8  Collapsible dog food carrier and bowl, for trips and longer hikes. / 9  Jon doesn't like dressing up Roxy, but come on. This Adidog dog hoodie is too good. / 10 This Pendleton Dog Bed is super cozy for Roxy, and looks really nice in our home.

Thankful for this sweet girl every dang day.


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