Jan 2, 2014

How to Bust Cabin Fever

Best Cabin fever buster for these blustery days!

Whether you are still home enjoying the holiday break or stuck inside due to the blast of snow pummeling large bits of the country, this fabulous game, Reverse Charades is a sure-fire way to entertain the troops.

We played it as part of our New Year’s Eve celebration and our whole group ranging in age from 6-46 had a complete blast. As you can see from the ridiculous video. Even the most “I don’t play games” kind of folk, won’t be able to resist its simple fun.

Instead of one person doing the charade for their team, the whole team works together to act out the charade for their guesser. Team work plus goofy antics equals big amusement.

Enjoy these snowy days and kick cabin fever in its back side.

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