Jan 4, 2014

The Snowy Day Play Activity

(image from scholasticreadingclub)

Super simple way to play in the snow INSIDE, when it’s too cold to go out.

THIS is one of my favorite wintery day books. When I was teaching in my preschool classroom I used to read "The Snowy Day" to my kiddos and then we’d bring in big heaps of snow into our “water” table, add fun building tools like little shovels, sand molds, and ice-cream scoopers, throw in little plastic animals and people and watch the open-ended PLAYful magic happen.

Easy. Creative. Fun.

Most parent don’t have a sand & water table at home, but it’s so easy to create a “snow box” this winter using an extra large, low edged plastic storage container…the under the bed type work great! Lay down a cheap plastic table cloth underneath to protect your floor or table. You can rotate the contents of the sensory box as the mood strikes…rice, split peas, snow, anything your wee ones can dig into.

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