Mar 17, 2014

Planning for Playfulness

Has the stress of your busy life made you a little too serious? Is your to-do list so long you can no longer find time for a little fun?

Let’s make a point to change that.

The more hectic the day, the more important to remember to play. With a little creativity and motivation, I bet you can find a million different ways to add purposeful acts of play in your everyday life.

My new partner, SpringPad, can help! I love how this new website and app is organized, making it easy to find the inspiration, and the time, to PLAY.

In my Purposeful Acts of Play notebook, I’ve created checklists to help you get started and shared some of my own. But that’s just a launch pad for your own plans! If you’re a more visual person, use the boards to create a true wall of inspiration and stay motivated.

Learn more about my notebooks and the SpringPad system by visiting  and checking out the notebook store.

Disclaimer:  I am NOT being compensated by SpringPad for this partnership…It’s just a great mutual match.

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