Mar 19, 2014

A March Madness Bracket for Any Age

The NCAA tournament is the perfect opportunity to get in some quality time with your family… with a dash of competition mixed in. But maybe you or the kids don’t really follow college basketball. That’s okay, you can still participate and have a chance to win the pool.

We’ve created a special bracket for the 2014 NCAA Tournament that will have everyone excited. For each region, you’ll choose a different way to decide what team will advance to the next round. Our favorite way to narrow it down? Mascot fights. Yupp. What mascot would win in a fight, on or off the court? And that’s just one of the weird ways to fill out your bracket.

To see the whole thing, click to download and print our hi-res PDF 2014 NCAA March Madness Bracket for Families.

— By Alaina Buzas, Contributor {And you can trust me, these are some great ideas. I won my college newspaper’s pool on these genius theories. }

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