May 25, 2018

Doozers Season 2 Launches Today!

I will always have a very soft spot for quality children’s television. I grew up in the height of the Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood and Sesame Street era… two educational children’s shows that were thoughtful, respectful, and sprinkled with a heaping dose of imagination, creativity, and fun.

Just after completing my Masters degree in Education, I landed a full-circle dream job at a PBS station called WQED Pittsburgh. As an educational consultant for national productions, I learned how great children’s programming is made. One floor below WQED was Family Communications, home of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

Many of my lunch breaks were spent slipping into the Neighborhood of Make Believe studio and watching Fred Rogers work his magic. His extreme respect for children was the foundation of every episode. He knew how smart children already were, and wanted them to know it too.

The first time I visited Henson Studios here in L.A., I was struck by how similar the “vibe” was to that of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. They “get” children in the same way, and it’s apparent in everything they create.

Last week I was invited back for a screening and launch party for Season 2 of their show “Doozers” on Hulu.

You remember the Doozers right?  Those adorable little construction workers from Fragggle Rock?  Well they have their own show now, and it’s simply delightful!

Each animated episode is geared specifically for the pre-school set and features four best friends, AKA “The Pod Squad”,  who live and learn in Doozer Creek.

The series focuses on encouraging kids to be innovators and inventors, and to embrace their own “can-do” spirit. It’s clear that an abundance of thought and care is put into the show’s STEAM curriculum, and I was struck by how well-written and “tight” each episode is… especially for 3-5 year olds. Proof they also respect and understand just how smart children already are.

If you’ve got a pre-schooler in your home, Doozers will make you feel actually good about a little bit of screen time. It’s a beautiful launch pad for discussion and a catalyst for creativity, encouraging kids to playfully discover the world around them

Doozers premieres May 25th exclusively on Hulu.


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