Mar 25, 2016

Five ways to dye your Easter eggs

Bunnies and chocolate and a big family meal and lots pastel clothing (and finding that super-static Easter grass everywhere around your house), are just around the corner!

But if you want to switch it up a bit, try losing the traditional way to decorate your eggs this year. The dip-dye routine is so YAWN worthy, and there are plenty of ways to make decorating eggs more interactive and super fun for the whole family.

Here are five ideas from around the web for creating the most playful eggs for Easter 2016:

From the tippy top:

1. Neon! Before starting on some of the more complicated decorating suggested here, drop a couple of eggs in dye and let them sit for at least 30 minutes each. By the time you finish up decorating the rest of your eggs, this neon batch will be the brightest on the block.

2. Emoji Faces. It's no secret we love all-things Emoji. This is a clear win for everyone. Paint your eggs yellow, then copy the faces in your phone, or create your own.

3. Confetti Party. Confetti is amazing, especially when you don't have to clean it up off the floor. Stop by your local craft store to find different confetti shapes for each person in your family. Dinos? Horses? Hearts? Each person can personalize their eggs with their faves.

4. Nail Polish. A Meredith Plays favorite. Pro-tip: use a disposable plastic container for this process. It makes clean up 1000x easier.

5. Melted Crayons. Dig all the broken crayon pieces outta the box for this one. Not only is this a great way to use up those small pieces, the texture this gives the eggs is pretty rad.

How will you be decorating your eggs this year?

And for an extra playful Easter:

—Alaina Buzas, Contributor

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