171+ Funniest Butt Puns That Will Make Your Day

butt puns

Are you feeling down in the dumps?

Life can be a real pain in the rear sometimes, leaving you feeling flat and deflated. But wait, we’ve got just the thing to lift your spirits and give your funny bone a good kick!

Get ready to crack a smile and laugh until your cheeks hurt because we’ve gathered the most hilarious butt puns that will have you giggling all day long.

From cheeky one-liners to witty wordplay, these puns are sure to make even the most stubborn frown turn upside down.

So, sit back, relax, and prepare to let loose a barrage of laughter as we take you on a wild ride through the world of butt puns!

Clever Butt Puns That Will Make You Giggle

Classic Butt Puns

Classic Butt Puns

1. I’m cracking up!

2. Butt of course!

3. No ifs, ands, or butts.

4. That’s a bummer.

5. Butt seriously?

6. Butt wait, there’s more!

7. I’m on the butt-end of this joke.

8. You’re a real pain in the rear.

9. Don’t be such a hard ass.

10. You’re a cheeky one!

11. That’s a bottomless pit of jokes.

12. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

13. I’m feeling butted out.

14. Butt out of my business.

15. Don’t butt heads.

16. I’m not butt-hurt, I promise.

17. It’s a butt-dial.

18. You’re a buttinsky.

19. That’s butt-tastic!

20. You’re the butt of the joke.

21. I’m behind you all the way.

22. That’s a tight squeeze.

23. I’m feeling a bit cheeky today.

24. You crack me up!

25. That’s a real kick in the pants.

26. This joke is bottom-tier.

27. I’ve got your back(side).

28. That’s a bum deal.

29. It’s a bum rap.

New and Original Butt Puns

New and Original Butt Puns

30. Butt you didn’t see that coming!

31. I’m feeling a bit behind on my work.

32. Don’t let this slip through the cracks.

33. That joke really stinks!

34. Butt what’s the point?

35. I’m tailing you.

36. You’re a bottom-feeder.

37. That’s the end of that!

38. Let’s shake our booties.

39. Butt it’s only the beginning.

40. I’m sitting on this joke.

41. That’s a rear-ly good one.

42. Bottom line: it’s funny.

43. You’re the caboose of the joke.

44. That’s the butt-end of the deal.

45. You’ve got buns of steel.

46. This joke has a lot of cheek.

47. That’s a rear-view mirror joke.

48. Let’s bottom out this conversation.

49. Butt-kicking humor!

50. You’re the rear-guard.

51. This joke is cheek-tastic.

52. That’s the backstory.

53. I’m giving this my behind-the-scenes look.

54. That’s a real bottom line.

55. You’re the buttress of the joke.

56. That’s a real backhanded compliment.

57. I’m backing you up on this one.

58. You’re a real rear-ward thinker.

Clean and Family-Friendly Butt Puns

Clean and Family-Friendly Butt Puns

59. You’re a real butt-erfly!

60. Butt I digress…

61. That’s a pain in the butt!

62. I’m on the seat of my pants.

63. Don’t be a buttinsky!

64. You’re the butt-n of all jokes.

65. Butt of all trades.

66. That’s a bum rap.

67. You’re a cheeky monkey.

68. You’re the apple of my bottom.

69. You’re a rear-tful friend.

70. I’m bottomed out.

71. You’re a rear-ally good person.

72. That’s a cheeky grin.

73. I can’t seat still.

74. I’m cracking a smile.

75. Butt what’s your point?

76. That’s the bottom of the barrel.

77. Butt you knew that already!

78. That’s a rear-ly good idea.

79. Butt-iful friendship.

80. I can’t seat still!

81. You’re a bottomless pit of fun.

82. You’re the end-all, be-all.

83. I’m cheek-ily excited.

84. Butt seriously, that’s funny.

85. You’re the rear-guard of my jokes.

86. Butt-er late than never!

87. I’m feeling a bit crack-ed up.

88. That’s a bum-mer.

89. You’re the rear-m of my life.

Slightly Risqué Butt Puns

Slightly Risqué Butt Puns

90. Kiss my asteroids!

91. Booty-licious!

92. Bottoms up!

93. That’s some fine rear-angement.

94. You’re a butt babe!

95. Let’s talk about your assets.

96. You’re a hot piece of sass.

97. I’m feeling cheeky today.

98. You’ve got buns for days.

99. That’s a fine piece of bass.

100. Shake your groove thing.

101. I’ve got your back(side).

102. You’re my better half-moon.

103. Let’s booty-shake!

104. You’re the butt of my affection.

105. That’s a crack-up!

106. You’ve got a fine booty.

107. This joke is a rear-ity.

108. You’re my better butt-er half.

109. I’m moon-ing over you.

110. That’s a fine cheek you got there.

111. I’m a back-door man.

112. You’ve got a nice rear end.

113. That’s a rump roast.

114. You’re a sweet piece of sass.

115. Shake that booty!

116. That’s a hot cross bun.

117. You’re a peach.

118. I’ve got a rear-end admiration.

119. Let’s get cheeky!

Birthday Butt Puns

Birthday Butt Puns

120. Have a cracking birthday!

121. Hope your day is cheeky!

122. Shake your booty, it’s your day!

123. Happy birthday, bottom’s up!

124. Have a bum-believable birthday!

125. You’re the rear-son we celebrate!

126. Shake that booty, it’s party time!

127. Wishing you a rear-tastic birthday!

128. Have a butt-load of fun today!

129. It’s your birthday, let’s get cheeky!

130. Enjoy your birthday to the bottom!

131. Have a cheeky good time!

132. Wishing you a butt-kicking birthday!

133. Have a bum-derful day!

134. Happy rear-thday!

135. Let’s crack open some fun!

136. Rear-ly hope your birthday is the best!

137. Have a cheek-splittingly good birthday!

138. Booty-ful birthday wishes!

139. Have a rump-tastic celebration!

140. Hope your day is butt-erfly amazing!

141. Have a bottom-tier birthday bash!

142. Have a booty-shaking birthday!

143. Happy birthday, you cheeky thing!

144. Have a rear-end rocking birthday!

145. Shake your booty, it’s your day!

146. Hope your day is a real crack-up!

147. Have a cheeky and fun birthday!

148. Enjoy your bum-believable birthday!

149. Have a cheek-tacular birthday!

150. Rear-ly hope you enjoy your day!

Holiday Butt Puns

Holiday Butt Puns

151. Merry Kiss-mas!

152. Happy New Rear!

153. Have a bum-believable holiday!

154. Shake your booty this season!

155. Enjoy the rear of the year!

156. Wishing you a cheeky holiday!

157. Hope your season is butt-erly smooth!

158. Have a rump-tastic holiday!

159. Booty-ful holiday wishes!

160. Have a cheeky Christmas!

161. Rear-ly hope your holiday is great!

162. Happy butt-tastic New Year!

163. Shake that booty, it’s the holidays!

164. Enjoy a bum-tastic holiday!

165. Wishing you a bottomless holiday!

166. Hope your season is a crack-up!

167. Have a cheek-splitting holiday!

168. Booty-ful New Year wishes!

169. Have a rear-end rocking holiday!

170. Wishing you a butt-erfly New Year!

171. Have a cheek-tacular season!

172. Happy holidays, you cheeky thing!

173. Have a bum-derful Christmas!

174. Rear-ly hope your holiday is the best!


So, there you have it – a cheeky collection of butt puns to brighten your day and add a little humor to your conversations.

Whether you’re looking for classic puns, original wordplay, or even holiday-themed jokes, this list has got your back(side)!

Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and sharing a good pun can help you connect with others and spread some joy.

Now that you’re armed with these hilarious butt puns, it’s time to put them to good use.

Share your favorites with friends and family, and watch as they can’t help but crack a smile.

And if you’ve got some clever butt puns of your own, don’t be shy – leave them in the comments below and let’s keep the laughter going!

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