150+ INTERESTING Minecraft Trivia Questions

Minecraft Trivia Questions that You Might Know

You’re not alone if you’ve ever lost track of time exploring vast biomes or crafting intricate creations in Minecraft.

This game isn’t just about survival; it’s a platform for limitless creativity and adventure.

However, even the most seasoned players might not know every secret or trick the game holds. That’s where our trivia comes into play.

This blog promises to enhance your Minecraft knowledge with over 150 intriguing trivia questions that cover everything from basic gameplay mechanics to obscure game facts.

By the end of this post, you’ll test your existing knowledge and discover fascinating new aspects of the game that you might never have noticed before.

Whether you’re a Minecraft veteran or a curious newcomer, these trivia questions are designed to entertain and inform, providing insights that enrich your gaming experience.

Let’s dive into the world of Minecraft trivia and explore the hidden corners of this beloved game.

Engaging Minecraft Trivia Questions

Engaging Minecraft Trivia Questions

1. What is the default character’s name in Minecraft?

The default character in Minecraft is commonly known as Steve.

2. Which mode in Minecraft involves gathering resources during the day to survive against monsters at night?

Survival mode involves gathering resources during the day to prepare for surviving against monsters that appear at night.

3. What do you need to mine to obtain obsidian?

To obtain obsidian, you must mine a block of lava turned into obsidian by water using a diamond or nephrite pickaxe.

4. In Minecraft, what animal can be tamed and ridden using a saddle?

In Minecraft, horses can be tamed and ridden using a saddle.

5. What material is required to craft a torch?

A torch can be crafted using a stick and a piece of coal or charcoal.

6. What do you need to create a crafting table?

To create a crafting table, you need four wooden planks, which can be obtained from any wood.

7. Name the dimension that is known as “The End.”

“The End” is the dimension where players battle the Ender Dragon.

8. What is the primary purpose of a creeper in Minecraft?

The primary purpose of a creeper is to sneak up on players and explode, causing damage to players and structures.

9. Which creature in the game explodes?

Creepers and TNT are the primary creatures and items in the game that explode.

10. What biome is made up entirely of sand and cacti?

The Desert biome is made up entirely of sand and cacti.

11. How do you make charcoal from wood?

Smelting wood blocks can make charcoal in a furnace.

12. What is used to breed chickens?

Seeds, such as wheat seeds, are used to breed chickens.

13. What must you wear to look at Endermen safely?

You can safely look at Endermen without provoking them by wearing a pumpkin on your head.

14. What mode in Minecraft has unlimited resources?

Creative mode provides players with unlimited resources and the ability to fly.

15. How do you craft a bookshelf?

A bookshelf can be crafted using three books and six wooden planks.

16. Which tool is used to gather wool from sheep?

Shears are used to gather wool from sheep without harming them.

17. What enemy drops bones and arrows upon defeat?

Skeletons drop bones and arrows when defeated.

18. What do you need to collect to craft arrows?

It would be best to have flint, a stick, and a feather to craft arrows.

19. How do you craft a bed?

A bed can be crafted using three blocks of wool and three wooden planks.

20. What food can you make using wheat, sugar, milk, and eggs?

You can make a cake using wheat, sugar, milk, and eggs.

21. What can milk buckets be used to cure?

Milk buckets can cure any status effects, such as poison or wither.

22. What is the rarest ore in Minecraft?

Emerald ore is the rarest ore in Minecraft and is typically found in mountain biomes.

23. What do you need to mine diamond ore?

To mine diamond ore, you need an iron pickaxe or something.

24. How is a Wither boss created?

A Wither boss is created by placing three wither skeleton skulls on top of four blocks of soul sand arranged in a T-shape.

25. What kind of block does an Enderman hold and transport?

Endermen can hold and transport various blocks, such as dirt, sand, gravel, clay, and more.

26. What potion effect makes you jump higher?

The Jump Boost potion effect allows players to jump higher.

27. What is the Nether Star used for?

The Nether Star is used to craft a beacon, which provides status effects to nearby players.

28. What does a Blaze Rod turn into when crafted?

A Blaze Rod can be crafted into Blaze Powder, used for brewing potions and crafting eyes of ender.

29. How do you cure a zombie villager?

To cure a zombie villager, throw a splash potion of Weakness at them and give them a golden apple.

30. What does a Redstone Comparator do?

A Redstone Comparator compares, maintains, and subtracts signal strength and can also measure the state of items in containers like chests and hoppers.

31. Name a plant that acts like a trap in the Nether.

The plant known as a “wither rose” acts like a trap because it poisons any player or mob that comes into contact with it.

32. What is the main use of a map?

The main use of a Minecraft map is to represent explored territories and mark points of interest visually.

33. Which fish can be caught and tamed into a cat?

Ocelots can be tamed into cats using raw fish.

34. What must you destroy in End Cities to avoid levitation?

You must destroy the shulker creatures in End Cities, as they attack with projectiles that cause levitation.

35. What is the main ingredient in a slime block?

The main ingredient in a slime block is slimeballs, which are dropped by slimes.

36. What enchantment increases underwater mining speed?

The Aqua Affinity enchantment increases underwater mining speed.

37. What material is required to activate a Conduit?

A Conduit is activated by being placed in the center of a 3×3 square of water surrounded by a frame made from prismarine, prismarine bricks, or dark prismarine.

38. What biome does the Pillager Outpost generate in?

Pillager Outposts can be generated in any biome where a village can generate.

39. What are the villagers that don’t have a job called?

Villagers without a job are called Nitwits.

40. What is the maximum enchantment level of Lure?

The maximum enchantment level of Lure is Level III.

41. What food restores the most hunger points in Minecraft?

Steak and cooked porkchop restore the most hunger points, providing 8 (or 4 full shanks).

42. How do you make a snow golem?

A snow golem can be made by stacking two snowblocks on top of each other and placing a pumpkin on top.

43. What tool is best used to mine leaves and spider webs?

Shears are best used for mining leaves and spider webs quickly and without breaking them.

44. What block can play music?

A jukebox can play music when a music disc is inserted into it.

45. What does the totem of undying do?

The totem of undying prevents the player from dying if held in their hand or off-hand slot when they take fatal damage.

46. What creature helps you find buried treasure?

Dolphins can help players find buried treasure if fed raw cod or raw salmon.

47. How do you make a large chest?

A large chest is made by placing two single chests side by side.

48. What ore gives experience when mined?

When mined, coal, diamond, emerald, lapis lazuli, nether quartz, and redstone ores all provide experience.

49. What must be used to breed turtles?

Seagrass is used to breed turtles.

50. What block can teleport you in the Nether?

Nether portals can teleport players between the Nether and the Overworld.

51. What status effect is given by pufferfish?

Eating a pufferfish gives players nausea, poison, and hunger status effects.

52. What is the attack called performed when falling?

This type of attack is called a “critical hit,” performed by attacking while falling.

53. How many iron ingots are needed to make an iron block?

Nine iron ingots are needed to make one iron block.

54. What does a Loom do?

A loom is used to apply patterns to banners using dyes and banner patterns.

55. What structure contains the portal to The End?

The portal to The End is contained within a stronghold, specifically in the End portal room.

56. What does a Heart of the Sea do?

A Heart of the Sea can be used to craft a conduit, which benefits nearby players underwater.

57. Which crop can be used to breed pigs?

Carrots, potatoes, and beetroot can all be used to breed pigs.

58. How do you harvest honey from a beehive safely?

To safely harvest honey from a beehive, place a campfire beneath it to calm the bees before using a bottle or shears.

59. What prevents a silverfish from spawning?

Silverfish blocks will not spawn silverfish if mined with a tool enchanted with Silk Touch.

60. What mob drops leather?

Cows, mushrooms, horses, llamas, and donkeys can drop leather when killed.

61. What is a charged creeper?

A charged creeper is created when it is struck by lightning, enhancing its explosive power and causing it to drop a mob head if it kills another mob.

62. How do you make purple dye?

The purple dye can be made by combining red and blue dyes on a crafting table.

63. What is the primary use of glowstone dust?

Glowstone dust is primarily used to craft glowstone blocks and as an ingredient in potion-making to increase potency.

64. What biome is known for its tall mushrooms?

The mushroom field biome is known for its large red and brown mushrooms.

65. How many layers of snowfall make up a full block?

Eight layers of snowfall are needed to make up a full block of snow.

66. What is the glowstone’s light level?

Glowstone emits a light level of 15, the highest light level in the game.

67. What can be used as fuel in a furnace besides coal?

Besides coal, items such as wooden planks, sticks, saplings, wooden tools, and other wooden items can be used as fuel in a furnace.

68. What type of rail increases minecart speed?

Powered rails, when activated with Redstone, increase the speed of minecarts traveling over them.

69. How do you breed cows?

Cows can be bred by feeding them wheat.

70. What item do you use to gather lava?

A bucket can be used to gather and transport lava.

71. What mob can spawn riding a chicken?

Baby zombies can spawn riding chickens, known as chicken jockeys.

72. What is the attack strength of a wooden sword?

A wooden sword has an attack strength of 4 damage per hit.

73. How many game modes can you play in Minecraft?

Minecraft has four main game modes: Survival, Creative, Adventure, and Spectator.

74. What block is known for sticking to other blocks and moving with pistons?

Slime blocks are known for sticking to other blocks and moving with pistons.

75. What is an Ender Pearl used for?

An Ender Pearl teleports the player wherever the pearl lands when thrown.

76. What does the Smite enchantment do?

The Smite enchantment increases damage dealt to undead mobs.

77. How do you summon a lightning bolt using a trident?

Using a trident with the Channeling enchantment during a thunderstorm can summon a lightning bolt when it hits a mob.

78. What item repairs elytra?

Phantom membranes are used to repair elytra.

79. What is the purpose of a dispenser?

A dispenser stores and dispenses items, shooting them out when activated by Redstone.

80. How do you make stained glass?

Stained glass can be made by adding dye to glass blocks on the crafting table.

81. What type of wood is found exclusively in the taiga biome?

Spruce wood is found exclusively in the taiga biome.

82. What can you do with the dragon’s breath?

Dragon’s breath can be collected in bottles and is used to brew lingering potions.

83. What color is a diamond block?

A diamond block is light blue.

84. How many items can a single chest hold?

A single chest can hold up to 27 stacks of items.

85. What is the baby version of a zombie called?

The baby version of a zombie is called a baby zombie.

86. How do you get a music disc in the game?

Music discs can be obtained when a skeleton or stray shoots and kills a creeper.

87. What item can control a pig’s movement?

A saddle and a carrot on a stick can control a pig’s movement when riding it.

88. What can you use to keep a skeleton horse?

The player can keep a skeleton horse if it is tamed after being spawned from a skeleton trap.

89. What food is poisonous to players?

Pufferfish and raw chicken are foods that can poison players when consumed.

90. What do you need to catch a fish?

It would be best if you had a fishing rod to catch fish in Minecraft.

91. What tool is used to shear sheep?

Shears are used to shear sheep, allowing players to collect wool without harming the sheep.

92. How do you make mushroom stew?

Mushroom stew can be crafted using one red mushroom, one brown mushroom, and a bowl.

93. What is the use of a blaze powder?

Blaze powder is used as a brewing ingredient to make strength potions and is also necessary for fueling a brewing stand.

94. What is the main feature of a bastion remnant?

The main feature of a bastion remnant is that it is a structure found in the Nether that contains piglin mobs, chests with valuable loot, and blocks of gold.

95. What block changes its state when stepped on?

Pressure plates are blocks that change their state when stepped on, activating connected redstone mechanisms.

96. What material is required to craft a beacon?

To activate, a beacon requires an obsidian base and a pyramid constructed from iron, gold, emerald, or diamond blocks.

97. What creature in Minecraft can be both hostile and neutral?

Wolves and piglins can be neutral under certain conditions but become hostile if provoked.

98. How do you make a stonecutter?

A stonecutter can be crafted using three stone blocks and one iron ingot.

99. What biome has blue ice?

The iceberg biomes, variants of the ocean biome, contain blue ice.

100. What effect does the enchantment Frost Walker have?

The Frost Walker enchantment turns water beneath the player into ice, allowing them to walk on water without swimming.

101. What block can be crafted into a coal block?

A coal block is crafted using nine pieces of coal.

102. How do you breed parrots?

Parrots cannot be bred in Minecraft; they can only be tamed by feeding them seeds.

103. What does an observer detect?

An observer detects changes in the block state in front of it and sends a redstone signal when a change occurs.

104. What is the rare drop from Endermen?

Endermen can rarely drop an Ender Pearl when killed.

105. What type of villager works at a lectern?

A librarian villager works at a lectern.

106. What can be used to break a spider web without getting stuck?

A sword or shears can break spider webs efficiently without getting stuck.

107. How do you craft a blast furnace?

A blast furnace can be crafted using five iron ingots, one furnace, and three pieces of smooth stone.

108. What is a ghast’s attack method?

Ghasts attack by shooting explosive fireballs at players from a distance.

109. How do you make a lead?

A lead can be made using four strings and one slimeball.

110. What does a smithing table do?

A smithing table is used to upgrade tools from iron to diamond or diamond to netherite without losing enchantments.

111. What biome are pandas found in?

Pandas are found exclusively in the bamboo jungle biome.

112. How do you make a Jack o’Lantern?

A Jack o’Lantern is made by placing a carved pumpkin on top of a torch in the crafting grid.

113. What mob has a chance to drop a carrot or potato when defeated?

Zombies and zombie villagers can drop a carrot or potato when killed.

114. What item is needed to start a raid in a village?

A raid is started when a player with the Bad Omen effect enters a village.

115. Where does a Scute come from?

A cute comes from a baby turtle growing into an adult turtle.

116. How do you make a potion of invisibility?

A potion of invisibility is made by brewing a night vision potion with a fermented spider eye.

117. What causes a villager to have a green coat?

Villagers with green coats are called nitwits; their green coat indicates they have no profession.

118. What enchantment prevents a tool from disappearing after breaking?

The Unbreaking enchantment increases the durability of a tool, but Mending is the enchantment that repairs a tool with XP, preventing it from breaking.

119. What can a llama spit at?

Llamas can spit at players or mobs when provoked, causing minor damage.

120. What block is required to make a book and quill?

It would be best to have a book, an ink sac, and a feather to make a book and quill.

121. What is a baby pig called?

A baby pig is referred to as a piglet in Minecraft.

122. How many obsidian blocks are needed to create a Nether portal?

A Nether portal requires a minimum of 10 obsidian blocks to build the frame.

123. What item can be used to brew a potion of weakness?

A portion of weakness can be brewed using a fermented spider eye.

124. What mob is immune to fire?

Nether mobs like Blazes and Magma Cubes are immune to fire and lava.

125. What can be used to repel an endermite?

Endermites can be repelled by placing blocks, such as slabs or transparent blocks, on which they cannot spawn.

126. What item increases mining speed underwater?

The Aquatic Affinity enchantment on a helmet increases mining speed underwater.

127. What does a creeper fear?

Creepers are afraid of ocelots and cats and will flee from them.

128. What item can you use to breed horses?

Golden apples or golden carrots can be used to breed horses.

129. What block can push and pull other blocks?

A piston can push most blocks, and a sticky piston can pull them back.

130. What biome does the sunflower naturally occur in?

Sunflowers naturally occur in the Sunflower Plains biome.

131. What is the attack called that damages nearby entities when you fall from a height?

This attack is known as the “ground pound” or “shockwave attack,” performed when a player falls from a height directly onto enemies.

132. What dye color do you get from lapis lazuli?

Lapis lazuli is used to make blue dye.

133. What item can be eaten even when your hunger bar is full?

Golden and enchanted golden apples can be eaten even when your hunger bar is full.

134. What is used to brew a potion of leaping?

A portion of leaping is brewed using a rabbit’s foot.

135. What does the channeling enchantment do?

The channeling enchantment on a trident causes a lightning bolt to strike a mob if the trident is thrown during a thunderstorm.

136. How do you activate an end portal?

An end portal is activated by placing an Eye of Ender in each portal frame block inside a stronghold.

137. What blocks can an Enderman pick up?

Endermen can pick up various blocks, including grass, dirt, gravel, sand, clay, and flowers.

138. What does a skeleton trap horse spawn?

A skeleton trap horse spawns four skeletons equipped with bows when a player comes near it during a thunderstorm.

139. What villager has a monocle?

The librarian villager is often depicted with a monocle in various Minecraft artwork and skins.

140. What block allows you to enchant items?

An enchanting table is used to enchant tools, armor, and books.

141. What mob can pick up items?

Zombies and skeleton mobs can pick up items such as armor, weapons, and tools off the ground.

142. What type of pumpkin do you need to make a golem?

To create either an iron or snow golem, a carved pumpkin must be placed on top of an arrangement of blocks.

143. What can a fire charge be used for?

A fire charge can be used as a fire starter or loaded into a dispenser to shoot out as a projectile.

144. What potion effect slows you down?

The Slowness potion effect reduces a player’s or mob’s speed.

145. What does a fox carry in its mouth?

Foxes can pick up and carry various items in their mouths, including food items and weapons.

146. What biome do wolves spawn in?

Wolves spawn in forest and taiga biomes.

147. What tool is used to dig sand?

A shovel is used to dig sand quickly and efficiently.

148. How many bones are typically needed to tame a wolf?

The number of bones needed to tame a wolf varies, but it typically takes 1 to 5 bones.

149. What enchantment makes a player sink faster in water?

The Soul Speed enchantment on boots makes a player move faster on soul sand or soul soil but does not affect sinking speed. No specific enchantment increases sinking speed.

150. How do you make a firework rocket?

A firework rocket combines paper and gunpowder, and a firework star can be added for effects.


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