10 Kids Car Beds: Race Car, Pixar, Batman & More!

Best Car Beds for Kids

Being a parent or a would-be parent comes with its own set of worries and concerns. And finding the perfect bed for them is a top one. While selecting the right bed for our tiny tots, we tend to focus on a lot of factors – their comfort, the style, the number of years they can use it for, the height, and the ease of getting in and out of them are just some of them.

In this article, we bring to you one of the top bed designs that have been popular among and loved by kids of all ages – car beds. They are not just cool but come in a wide variety of styles and designs. They are flashy, colorful, and trendy, and kids not only love to sleep in them but also to show them off to their best buddies.

What is a Car Bed?

It is a bed whose frame typically resembles a car. There are trucks, buses, trains, and other vehicle shapes that are available in kids’ beds, too. These beds are usually made with plastic with a wooden frame that helps hold the mattress well.

Most of these beds are gender-neutral and can be bought for all kids. Most of the car beds are detailed, with horns, lights, etc. While these beds are readily available on Amazon, you can also get them customized by local vendors to ensure that your kids fit in them for longer years.

Some of The Most Amazing Car Bed designs

1. Platform Beds with Wheels

There is nothing that gives parents more comfort than knowing that their kids are sleeping in peace. This uniquely designed platform bed accommodates two toddlers. Shaped like a race car and crafted with pine wood, this car bed is a perfect addition to your kids’ room. The rails on both sides prevent your kids from falling when they move to the extreme side, ensuring they have a peaceful and calming sleep.

This bed also comes with wheels, which makes it even more fun for your little ones. They are made in simple colors, which puts an end to your worries about flashy colors. Having twin storage, this bed is also ideal if you have two kids to put down for a good night’s sleep.

Platform Beds with Wheels

2. The Batman & Car Combo

Are you, yourself, a big Batman fan? Want to instill the same emotions in your kids’ minds? Begin early with this fun batmobile car bed. This bed design remains absolutely grounded, which makes it a low and ideal choice for your child. The style, design, and structure make it very easy for your kid to get in and out of bed anytime they like.

This bed has a car-like look with Batman graphics. It also makes transitioning from the crib to the toddler’s bed super easy. The cool look and design will make your child fall in love with nap times. They have attached guardrails that put your mind at ease while your child sleeps through the night.

The Batman & Car Combo

3. Wood Bed

We seldom like to compromise the quality of things for our children. Keeping this inhibition of parents in mind, you will find a wide variety of wooden car bed designs that are sturdy and will last much longer than you expect. This bed is designed like lighting McQueen’s own speedy race car. The wooden construction promotes comfort, security, and sturdiness.

This design is bright in nature and helps your child adapt to the beauty of colors and designs. You can shop for a bright and colorful mattress to give your little one the complete experience of a race car.

Wood Bed

4. Twin Bed with Toy Box

Talk about a car bed design that will even convince you to get into it – buy this amazing piece. It is suitable for children of all ages. Made with durable and molded plastic, this bed can easily be moved from a toddler’s bed to a twin bed. All you have to do is switch out a crib mattress for a twin one.

The best part of this twin bed design is that they have built-in toy storage units, which can be converted into an oversized box when the mattress is replaced. This car bed is extremely cool and easy to maintain, and your kids will be in love with it for a long, long time (at least we hope so!)

Twin Bed with Toy Box

5. Inflatable Travel Bed

Traveling with your little one? Are you worried that they will fuss over not having their favorite bed while you put them to sleep? Here is a beautifully designed, eye-soothing car bed that you can carry with you. This bed resembles a race car, and with realistic artwork, they bring the windows and wheels to life.

This inflatable bed also has pockets that help you store their stuff or for them to enjoy their food and drinks while they relax with you on your vacation. The quality of the mattress is smooth and superior, which helps you to not worry about them getting a rash. It is easy to clean and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Inflatable Travel Bed

6. Metal Twin Car Bed

This metal bed is designed to suit your and your kids’ love for cars. The wheels attached to the bed add to the realistic appearance of the car bed. This twin bed frame comes in an eye-catching, soothing style that will make your kids fall asleep in an instant. Being made from metal, these pieces are quite sturdy and are ideal for older children.

This bed doesn’t have a lot of height, and hence, they won’t need your help to get in or out of it. Use bed covers and pillow covers that stay in sync with the race car’s model and the background in your kids’ room. To enhance the overall race car appearance, you can add other decorative pieces like wheels and tiers for the walls and watch your child fall in love with it completely.

Metal Twin Car Bed

7. Boat-shaped Platform Bed

With a solid construction, this boat-shaped car bed makes for a perfect addition to your child’s room. They come in monochromatic, neutral colors, which makes them perfect for your child’s room without worrying much about the wall colors. This bed is designed keeping in mind the high amount of wear and tear that occurs on a kid’s bed.

The wheels and structure also make room for a light amount of storage that a kids’ area might need. You can add a complementary-colored bedside table or study table to complete the overall aesthetics in your child’s room. Having twin space in the bed, this piece is ideal to accommodate two kids in one go. Watch them cherish their sleep in their favorite bed.

Boat-shaped Platform Bed

8. Loft Bed with Storage

This car bed design takes the concept a notch higher. As your child grows, there is an increased need to store more stuff around their bed space. If you have a growing child at home who might be in love with race car beds that are also loft beds, then this might be ideal for you. This low twin loft bed will make the experience of your child sleeping alone fun.

This bed design also resembles a playhouse, with ample space to store their toys, soft toys, books, and other items they may be in love with. Although it is a bunk bed, it is much lower in height than the regular pieces. This loft car bed is perfect for homes that have a crunch of space. This bed is constructed in a way that makes it sturdy, ensuring that it doesn’t squeak when it twists and turns at night. It is a twin bed and, hence, can accommodate two kids in the same space where they play and learn to share.

Loft Bed with Storage

9. Full-Size Race Car Bed

Want to give your kids more space as they sleep? We got you! This wooden full-size race car bed is designed in a way to accommodate the growing needs of your little one. This kids’ bed also keeps in mind the versatile decor that modern residents choose. And this one fits perfectly well with any of them. This wooden bed is sturdy and goes on for many, many days. There are solid railing and slats that provide extra support to the bed and to your little one.

These railings also help to keep the mattress intact in its position, ensuring a comfortable sleep. The platform bed is low and, hence, can be easily accessed by your kids without additional help. The screw of the full-size race car bed is fitted really well to help prevent any noise caused by movement at night. The addition of this bed in your child’s room helps retain the innocence that it should have.

Full-Size Race Car Bed

10. Turbocharged Car Truck Bed

Take the love for cars a notch higher with a car bed that resembles a truck. This beautifully themed bed is designed at just the right height, which makes sleep time fun. The addition of a well-packed railing adds to the safety and security you might be concerned about. This bed is designed for older kids, and it is advised not to use it for very little ones. The realistic look with the working headlights, wheels, etc., gives them just the feel you want them to get. This bed has built-in drawers that help you store a number of kids’ things easily.

Story books, toys, comforters – you name it, and you can tuck it away with the bed. This bed has been designed to withstand a significant amount of wear and tear, which allows it to be used for sleep time and playtime for years. Our experts suggest that if you want your child to get the complete experience of this amazing car bed, you shop for car-themed bed covers, pillow covers, and comforters. This place will easily become an area that your kid hates to leave.

Turbocharged Car Truck Bed

Buying Car Beds: Pros & Cons


  • They come in a wide variety of designs
  • They are so attractive that kids do want to go to bed by themselves
  • They help you get the best beds for your kids
  • The materials used are easy to clean
  • The bed styles and designs amuse the kids


  • When compared to other beds, the car beds are expensive
  • You will need to replace them soon as the kids grow
  • They take up more space than usual
  • Adults can’t really lay by the kids during bedtime


There are a wide range of car beds available in the market. Their fun and upbeat appearance also enables your child to be in a naturally playful mood all day long. Unlike most other beds, the car beds come with protective railings that are perfect for sleeping children. This prevents them from falling while they play or sleep and puts your mind at ease while you are not watching them.

These kinds of beds add vibrance and color to your child’s room, which is vital for their growing years and brain. It also helps you decorate the rest of the area easily, especially if you plan to stick to the theme. There are a wide variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and colors available for your child, and you can easily pick one that suits both of you.

While you might find car beds that specifically suggest the gender of your child, our experts are of the opinion that these are gender-neutral and can be picked when you and your child love the look and feel of it.

We hope that these design ideas give you some breakthroughs and help you pick the right one.

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