10 Low Bunk Beds For Your Bedroom Aesthetic

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If you’re looking to give your personal space a fresh makeover, you’ve come to the right place, as we have some great ideas in store for you. As we all know, bunk beds were originally reserved for the kid’s room as it is quite the experience to climb up and down and choose their little space of comfort.

But as times have evolved, bunk beds are turning out to become more convenient and add to your personal aesthetic.

They’re applicable, they save a ton of space and they are workable. Low bunk beds are not only great for the children but can also be included in your primary bedroom or the guest room, for that matter.

To stick to your choice of design and style, there might be a few things you would want to pay close attention to. Only after carefully observing these requirements can you rest assured to invest in a low bunk bed for your space.

Let’s take a quick look at the 10 wonderful low bunk beds for your home. Sit back and scroll as you’re in for some good scoop!

Best Low Bunk Bed for Your Space

1. Wooden Bunk Beds

The most used material and the most trusted material when it comes to the construction of bunk beds is Wood. It is excellent in terms of versatility, shape, color, finish, and style. It appears rich and posh and remains sturdy for a good period of time.

A low bunk bed made of wood will easily last you for years. For your living space, you can invest in bunk beds made of high-quality wood that is durable throughout its usage. Wooden bunk beds are especially a good option if you have kids at home.

Wooden Bunk Beds

2. Metal Bunk Beds

Another material that stands right next to wood in competition and performance is Metal. They are comparatively less expensive than wood and, in most cases, are preferred more than wood due to their industrial and vigorous look.

These metal low bunk beds are also available in multiple colors and designs, giving you a plethora of sleek options to pick from. It is advised to check the weight tolerance of these metal beds before purchase.

Metal Bunk Beds

3. Futon Bunk Bed

Futons are a great option to have a sound sleep and even to lounge on during the day. Therefore, when this creative addition is added to your bunk beds, it serves more than one purpose. It is a wonderful option in rooms meant for teenagers and kids. It serves as a good space for kids to lie while chatting and playing games or watching TV.

Some futon bunk beds have ladders on the side which provide easy access to the upper bed. Some also come with built-in storage cabinets so you can store all your favorite books and mementos for display. You can choose the colors of the futon as per your personal style.

Futon Bunk Bed

4. Triple Bunk Bed

Do you want to get the job done in minimum space when it comes to your children’s bedroom? Look no further, as the triple bunk bed will be your savior. If you want to save money and settle in a cozy and comfortable two-bedroom flat, investing in a triple bunk bed will be your best bet.

Usually, with these bunk beds, wooden frames work best as they have more weight allowance. It is also a great advantage if these bunk beds come with ladders, as it will allow your kids to access their bunks easily.

Triple Bunk Bed

5. Trundle Bunk Bed

How amazing would it be if you had a secret bed under your basic bunk bed? Well, the trundle bunk bed fulfills exactly that purpose. The trundle is a pull-out bed under the bottom bed that you can use to accommodate an extra visitor in your home. There are plenty of trundle beds available in the market.

This extra bed is easily pulled out as it is placed on revolving wheels and serves as the best extra unit for those days when someone is crashing at your place. These also come with various color options to choose from. The classic white color works best for trundle bunk beds.

Trundle Bunk Bed

6. L-Shaped Bunk Bed

As the name suggests, these bunk beds are shaped like the letter L. It is the standard bunk bed, but there is an extra right angle that extends from the usual bunk bed. This arrangement comes in handy as it has the provision to set up multiple beds. Hence, it is the perfect option to invest in if you live in a dorm or have many siblings.

L-shaped bunk beds are made up of both wood and metal. To prevent taking up too much floor space, the L-shaped bed can be fit into a corner. This arrangement allows housing multiple people together without occupying too much space.

L-Shaped Bunk Bed

7. Loft Bunk Bed

If you have kids or you are someone who is currently studying or doing a job, a loft bunk bed will solve all your problems. In place of the lower bed, there can be a study area or an office space, and on top of that, you have your bed. This serves two purposes at once.

This study space can be modified into a game area or just a small storage area. You can convert it into the space of your liking and requirement according to the present need. To better organize this loft area, you can also arrange cabinets and storage boxes to better suit your needs.

Loft Bunk Bed

8. Bunk Bed with Drawer and Guardrail

This is another wonderful option for you if you want to save space and still have a beautiful bedroom setting. You can include a low bunk bed with drawers and guardrails in your bedroom. These have ample space to sleep and come with drawers underneath to store clothes and other necessities.

If you have kids, this would be a great way to organize your children’s clothes for their daily access. The guardrails prove to be a great way to access the beds above, and it is safe for children in the house.

Bunk Bed with Drawer and Guardrail

9. T-shaped Bunk Bed

If you’re someone who wants to accommodate your children into your own room or want to have a separate space for your kids to crash into your room whenever they want, then this T-shaped bunk bed will be your best bet. It consists of a queen bed and a bunk bed right on top, where the headrest is supposed to be.

Some even come with a bunk bed arranged on the right side of the queen bed. There are also ladders to access the bunk bed. The best part about this bed is that you won’t be tempted to get rid of this arrangement even if your kids ditch the bunk bed. This calls for a very versatile and sleek design that you can make use of whenever and however you wish to.

T-shaped Bunk Bed

10. Treehouse Bunk-Bed

You will love this type of bunk bed if you have kids. Or, if you choose, you can have this arrangement completely for yourself. As they say, never let your inner child die. If your children love sitting inside the treehouse, you’ll want to bring them inside as they can now have an inbuilt treehouse in their bedrooms. This type of bunk bed has a roof over the upper bed and covers it entirely with frames with small openings as windows.

It is like sleeping in a treehouse with added comfort. Your kids can access this ‘treehouse’ with a ladder that is usually built beside or in the middle of the bunk bed. Surprise your kids with this fun and versatile arrangement the next time they want to seek the treehouse.

Treehouse Bunk-Bed


Bunk beds have been a necessary bedroom accessory since our childhood. They’re cozy, warm, and, most importantly, so fun! And times, bunk beds have proven to be a practical choice for people who are looking to reside in small apartments or houses.

Low bunk beds are especially safer and sturdier. They are safe for kids of all ages to make their way to them easily. You can pick designs keeping all your requirements in mind.

These requirements can cater to storage, quality, space, and more. There are a plethora of bunk beds to choose from, such as low bunk beds with stairs and slides, Solid wooden bunk beds, full low loft beds, metal loft beds with desks, rustic bunk beds, and more.

So, without any delay, introduce this versatile addition into your home now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bunk Beds Safe?

Low bunk beds are your safest bed when purchasing a bunk bed. You can choose a bunk bed with an upper bunk height of at least 48″. This way, you are assured that your kids are safe in their bedrooms even when unmonitored.

What to Look for in a Bunk Bed

A bunk bed must fulfill your present needs. But some things to look for in a bunk bed are a good staircase attached to the bed, a ladder for safe access to the upper bunks, and Guardrails to ensure safety during night hours.

How to Assemble Bunk Beds?

If you follow all the instructions safely when assembling a bunk bed, you will have no problem getting it right. You will find all the instructions for assembling your bunk bed when it arrives at your doorstep. Bunk beds with storage cabinets can require more time to be put into place than standard bunk beds. Whatever the case, it is fairly easy to get it right.

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