VAVA Baby Monitor Review: Is It a Top Choice for a Monitor?

Obsessed with not letting your baby out of sight and thus compromising with sleepless nights? Are you afraid of your baby’s safety with Wi-Fi transmission? Well, it’s time to breathe out all your worries and get your hands on your best third eye with a VAVA baby monitor.

As a mother, it is possible to skimp on diapers or teethers, but avoiding a baby monitor is quite a problematic idea. Baby monitors today are flooding the market, keeping mothers stress-free and keeping babies cry-free. Their setups range from easy to super complex and are highly durable. However, they come at a price.

But when you are shopping for 300 diapers a day, spending a few bucks on your baby’s look after is no big deal and for sure is a green light for conscious mothers.

Read along as we dismantle the greatness of VAVA baby monitors step by step to give you the closure you desperately need.

What Exactly Is VAVA Baby Monitor?

What Exactly Is VAVA Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is a dire need for any new parent, and the VAVA baby monitor is so far the best in the category. With optimal night visions, room scanning features, cute pastel colors in four shades, a vivid 5” 720p display, and many other pros, this baby monitor stands out as every parent’s best friend. Easy and economical VAVA baby monitors are winning the hearts of millions of families.

The Green and Red Lights: VAVA Baby Monitor

The Green and Red Lights- VAVA Baby Monitor

Before you scroll down and down to decipher whether it is the right choice for you or not, we bring you the bounties and bane right here. Going through these bullets will help you read along and get your baby the best.

The Green Light

  • Almost every essential feature is capsulated in this device.
  • Super excellent audio and video qualities
  • No Wi-Fi requirement
  • Long range signals
  • Super Economic

The Red Light

  • No recorded lullabies are available.
  • Parent monitor lacks volume buttons
  • The volume features are not up to the mark for heavy sleeper parents.
  • No Video Recording Feature

Fairly Fantastic Features of VAVA Baby Monitor

1. Super Easy Installations and Display

Super Easy Installations and Display

Your magic number here is FIVE. Because that’s all the minute you need to install the VAVA baby monitor. VAVA Baby Monitor works right when you plug it in and switch on the parent monitor. Place the device in the baby’s room, and you are good to go. You have all the control as the baby monitor provides you with optimization up to your needs.

Right after you plug in, a brilliant, crisp image of the location is displayed on your parent monitor screen, which, if we are not bragging, is as good as an iPad Air display. We can’t focus more but to mention that your baby’s breathing patterns in the crib are amazingly visible.

2. Super Secure. Super Safe

Super Secure. Super Safe

With AI on the rise, parents’ sole concern is their baby’s safety. What if a predator hacks into your network and baits on your baby’s visuals? This raging problem has led parents to avoid baby monitors, sacrificing their sleep and whatnot.

But with VAVA BABY MONITOR, the problem is an utter ZERO. And why is that you might be thinking. Well, VAVA Baby Monitor has nothing to do with WiFi connections so hacking is impossible. It uses an encrypted FHSS radio signal, and the VAVA baby monitor is free from breaches and unwanted disturbances in the network.

If there is no WiFi connection, then do harmful waves have a role to play? The answer is a big NO! VAVA Baby Monitor connects to its parent’s monitor using a 2.4 GHz FHSS connection. This means constant EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) are in play to regulate the connections between both parts, which is comparatively safer for your baby.

3. Connections That Go Beyond

Connections That Go Beyond

Parents have claimed that they had climbed up and down two flights of stairs in their apartments with a lot of walls standing in between them and their babies, and yet they were able to catch a very clear display of the young one without any interruptions at all. Measuring in a lump sum, we can say the device has an amazing range of around 900 feet which makes a bold case against its competitors.

Although parents are living within tightly packed apartments complaining about the range of VAVA Baby Monitor, it is totally about the infrastructure of your abode. From spacious homes to moderate apartment-style spaces, the VAVA Baby Monitor works just fine.

4. Scanning of the Night Owl

Scanning of the Night Owl

Parents have claimed that the VAVA Baby Monitor features the best night vision optimizations, so we tried it on our end as well. The display was so bright that we somehow felt that we might have missed switching the lights OFF in that ‘other’ room, but to our amazement, this was so very REAL! It was VAVA Baby Monitor’s brilliance that had us confused.

The second-best feature for parents is the autopilot mode. This brilliant feature scans the room perfectly. And while you might not think of it as that important, on the contrary, this is the best companion for parents with heavy duties. You don’t always have to run from kitchen to nursery to check on what your growing bud is doing. Rather, the monitor scans the room entirely, giving you all and all input of your child.

5. Long Live the Device

Long Live the Device

If charging devices bore you greatly, then the VAVA Baby Monitor is just the pick for you. It has an amazingly great battery life, working efficiently with both video display and audio controls.

Practical explorations always weigh heavier, so we tried the tests ourselves. We fully charged the VAVA BABY Monitor at around 10 AM, and it lasted up till 11 PM the very next day, so our estimate is the battery can last up to 22-24 hours.

Although we did switch the modes in the middle, and so far that we can think of, it was on audio for around 12 hours and around 10 hours on video, so we can say the battery backup is amazing. Please note that Amazon’s descriptions of this very product exaggerate a bit. Still, in our opinion, such a battery life is quite good.

6. Interactive and Intuitive

Interactive and Intuitive

First things first, you won’t always have a glass or bottle to support your monitor on the nightstand, and for this, you might have to spend a little extra to bag in a cover case. VAVA BABY MONITOR comes with a kickstand to place it perfectly on a rack, kitchen shelf, desk, or wherever. There is an additional button near the antenna to run you through different power modes like ON, OFF and Sleep mode.

Your 5-inch HD display screen has a few more buttons to your rescue. For example, there is this big button at the right of the screen that allows you to navigate through the menu, adjust brightness volume, set timer, add more cameras, temperature controls, etc. There are multiple zooming modes, allowing you to zoom for 2x and 4x magnification.

There is an additional chat button to speak to your toddler. Since this is not a touchscreen device, it has four arrow buttons to navigate through the screen, providing you with almost every other control of this device.

Unpacking VAVA BABY Monitor: What Is in The Magic Box?

Unpacking VAVA BABY Monitor- What Is in The Magic Box?

VAVA BABY MONITOR box comes with:

  • 1 unit of Parent Monitoring Device
  • 1 unit of Infant Camera Device
  • A pair of USB power cords (intended for the camera and the parent monitoring unit)

Crisp and short details are the best, but it is only wise to know these details in depth. Here, we have summarised some of the best features of the VAVA baby monitor to help you better.

Comparisons with Competitors: VAVA Baby Monitor

We only know the worth of a fresh tomato when we keep it next to a yellowing one. Therefore, to know the worth of something, it is always recommended to keep an eye on the parallel ones. Here are some of the other alternatives and competitors of VAVA BABY MONITOR to give you clearer insights.

1. Infant Optics DXR-8: The Close Call

Infant Optics DXR-8- The Close Call

While VAVA Baby Monitor marvels everywhere, it bows down to Infant Optics DXR-8 in just one aspect, and that is its sound features. While the loudest sound of the VAVA Baby Monitor is still low, Infant Optics DXR-8 has an exceptionally loud volume feature, a better choice for parents with heavy sleeping patterns.

Apart from this, VAVA Baby Monitor outran OPTICS DXR-8 in every other aspect, including good frequency range, clearer display, sound qualities, etc.

2. Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor: Cute Competitor

Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor- Cute Competitor

We won’t call it exact, but so far, Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor is a reciprocal of VAVA BABY Monitor. It has a very cute design with a built-in lullaby system, one thing that the VAVA Baby Monitor lacks.

While the VAVA baby monitor is just a friend to your pocket size, the price of the Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor might raise your eyebrows. The connection range and display options of the VAVA Baby monitor, and Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor are bound to be tough competitors as they both have quite amazing quality.

3. Nanit Pro Smart Camera: Everything Smart

Nanit Pro Smart Camera-Everything Smart

Overall, the Nanit Pro Smart camera is quite a good product in price, with amazing video quality features and superb smart controls. But one major drawback of the Nanit Pro Smart Camera is that it has a WiFi operation base while the VAVA Baby Monitor tops in here, giving you a secure and safe connection based on Electromagnetic Waves, saving your child from hackers and breachers of WiFi Network. Talking of display quality, Nanit Pro has a resolution of 1080p, and the VAVA Baby Monitor lags with 720p resolution.

With young ones cuddling to their growing stages, keeping an eye on them is necessary. But amidst the sea of wide-ranging, ever-evolving products, confusions, and dilemmas are the normal byproducts. Therefore, we have these very frequently asked questions listed to provide you with clearer insights into the product.

Packing Up

Every mother’s heart goes weak at the loss of sight of her baby, so constant support is required to keep a check on young ones. Widely reviewed and often appreciated, VAVA Baby Monitor is just the help that every woman needs. It has all the promising features like great video quality, brilliant battery life, autopilot mode, adding up to four cameras, and whatnot.

We tried summing up all the good and not-so-good factors of the device, for we only want what is best for our readers. We tried digging out the most economical support, and the VAVA Baby Monitor caught our sight.

Try one for yourself and experience the greatness of this product. We aim to bring only the best for you, and VAVA Baby Monitor is one among them. We will be bringing more such goodness to your rescue, but until then, enjoy the VAVA Baby Monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the VAVA Baby Monitor’s Range?

According to the makers, VAVA BABY MONITOR gives off a range of 950 feet. However, relying on just arithmetic data is not wise. We have tried the product within walls, and it gives off a range of approximately 900 feet.

Is It Possible to View Multiple Cameras on a Split Screen?

You can add up to four cameras to one parent unit, but viewing all of them at once is not possible. Other versions of VAVA Split Screen Baby Monitors are available in the market.

Does the VAVA Baby Monitor Come with a Warranty?

Yes, the VAVA Baby Monitor has a standard warranty of thirty days. Our recommendation is to contact the VAVA team via email or call them during normal office hours if you face any issues with the product.

How Can I Contact VAVA’s Customer Care?

If you are from the US, you can simply call 1-888-456-8468. The other alternative is to mail them at from any part of the world or just visit their website and gain support.

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