35 Best Experience Gifts for Your Kids

35 Best Experience Gifts for Your Kids

Are you thinking of getting the best experience gifts for kids? Experience gifts are one of the best ways to connect with your kids and feel togetherness. Maybe the kids cannot understand the physical love provided by the parents. So, experience gifts give the parents options to bring a smile to the children’s faces.

Have you ever felt the joy that your kids get after taking the water ride? That is the magic behind giving the best experience to the kids. In the digital world, kids are smarter to use mobile phones. They watch different cartons and see random things. You can make them experience some of those things in reality.

This can make them learn things in a more fun way and also make the best memories out of it. So give the best experience gifts to your loved ones from the list below!

Best Experience Gifts for Kids to Cherish Forever

Experience gifts for kids to develop curiosity by experiencing new things. Experience gifts are far wider than just gifting material things or physical love.

So below are the top 35 experience gifts for kids that they can cherish forever.

1. Weekend Trips (Most Preferred Experienced Gifts for Kids)

Weekend Trips

Weekend trips are a booster for every kid. They love exploring the cities and trying new activities. You can ask them about the next activity they want. Or else surprise them with the best weekend trip ticket, which excites them to take the next move.

Take them to the nearest location with the sort of activities that kids enjoy. Experience gifts for kids meant giving a huge presence and a small presence that should touch the hearts of both kids and parents.

2. Zoo Passes

Zoo Pass

Every kid is an animal lover. So you can take them to visit the nearest zoo in your area. They will love watching the different animals in reality. Apart from that, it is one of the fun ways where your child can learn about the different animals.

You can buy the zoo passes and take them weekly. Also, kids love exploring things in the company of their friends. Experience gifts for kids benefit the kids in various ways, from giving a presence to learning new things.

3. Fun Cards

Fun Cards

Fun cards are one of the best ways to gift a presence. You can simply wrap the gift and put a fun card in it. The fun card can imply the next experience gifts for kids. Or you can add small gifts with it, like it can be chocolates or soft toys your kids like the most.

Writing fun cards will help the kid to grow up with their memory box. You can ask some questions in it or give a thoughtful message, allowing your kids to go to their imaginary world.

4. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is one of the best ways to give experience gifts to kids. It is one of the brainstorming activity which every kid love to do. You can put any gifts/photos/objects in any place. Give the direction to your kid by writing it on the paper.

This experience can be given during their birthdays. You can ask them to search for the gifts which you have hidden somewhere. Fill the gift basket with many gifts or any tickets your kids love to go.

5. Museum Memberships

Museum Membership

Many kids spark their interest by moving toward the museum. They gain more interest in their studies by watching them in the real world. Like there are different museums with new things to learn for the kids, you can take museum memberships and provide the best experience gifts for kids.

There are different museums present that provide information about the history. Curious kids love to explore such places.

6. Summer Camps

Summer Camp

It is one of the best ways to make your child independent. Summer camps comprise all the fun activities that kids love performing. Sometimes, parents cannot go for long weekend trips, so they can benefit from that time by enrolling the students in summer camps.

There are different camps organized during the holiday period for the kids. So, these activities can stimulate athletics and develop more interest creatively.

7. Amusement Park Memberships

Amusement Park Memberships

Amusement park memberships are one of the best experiences you can enjoy with your whole family. You can take the passes to the best amusement park in your town. Even your kids can experience the different rides in the park.

Kids love it more when they watch their family cheering together. It is one of the most affordable places to take to your kids. If you want to get the best experience gifts for kids, try choosing those kinds of stuff that are loved rather than feared by the child.

8. Art Life

Art Life

Many kids love doing artwork. There are different types of artwork available. Some kids love doodling. Some perform painting. Everyone has their own choice. So you can gift your child with the best art package. Or you can join them in the art classes.

Some kids have their dream of becoming an artist. This allows them to pursue their dreams by enjoying the experience of gifts for kids.

9. Gardening/Fruit Experiences

Gardening:Fruit Experiences

You can start giving your kid the best experience by making them learn about gardening. You can tell them about the importance of plants in a fun way where they enjoy watering plants and learning things. Experience gifts for kids should be more than fun activities.

You can take them to the fruit garden, where they love naming different fruits and learning about their benefits. But make sure that the kids don’t pull the thorns/bushes from it. They need to watch and feel the aura of the garden.

10. Children’s Books

Children’s Books

Kids love to study new books like fairy tale stories, barbie, Harry Potter, and many more. You can gift them the favorite book of their choice. Maybe they will start enjoying every fictional character present in it. They can also develop good reading habits from the book.

Experience gifts for kids such as books develop creativity in the kid by learning new things present in them. You can also gift them comic books to make them laugh and have a good experience.

11. Dance Classes

Dance Classes

Dance classes can be one of your kid’s best active choices. This activity can help them to make their body fit and healthy. They can also enjoy dancing with their friends at the dance classes. You can enroll your kid in the best dance classes in your town.

Experience gifts for kids help them express their requirements and perform new things. The bonds between the parents and kids start increasing. They start noticing the areas of interest of every child.

12. Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park

If your kids love jumping, a trampoline is the best option. They can start loving this indoor activity in the trampoline park. If they have the energy to jump and make mischief, then this can be the best choice you can think of.

Trampoline park is one of the best experience gifts for kids. Kids love this adventure indoor activity by bumping off the walls. Even parents join the kids and have fun together in the trampoline park.

13. Movies


Take your kid to the movie hall. If there is any animated/kids-related film, then it would be one of the best options. Kids love eating popcorn, having cold drinks, and other junk items.

It is one of the best chilling experiences you can give your child. Experience gifts for kids must allow them to speak their hearts out and play joyfully. Like there should be a voice in every kid’s head,” Wow.”

14. Magazine Memberships

Magazine Memberships

First of all, check the category of interest your kid has. Then you can take the magazine membership, which your kids can enjoy. Popular titles among children’s magazines include Eleven Magazines by Cricket Media; Anorak is one of the quarterly magazines provided by the mom to promote reading from the children, and the British publication Aquila.

You can read the stories from it and develop more interest in your child’s brain. Sometimes, artificial intelligence is not sufficient for kids’ development.

15. Natural Living Experiences

Natural Living Experiences

Natural living experiences can be anything, whether going on a ride or a park. It is somewhat feeling connected to nature earth. Kids love seeing the creatures present on the Earth by taking natural living experiences.

You must not be occupied by a particular place, like going to a particular mall. They should explore everything and make long-lasting memories. There can be a wider option for the experience gifts for kids.

16. Hotel Stay Practice

Hotel Stay Practice

Planning for a trip is a good option for kids, where living in a hotel is the best. Kids can learn about the etiquette of hotels, and while taking meals, they can learn about the hotels. They can create new ideas by learning and seeing the hotel culture.

They develop more interest in eating food by holding spoons and eating themselves. If you love eating outside food, give your experience gifts for kids as a surprise for a hotel stay. During the vacation, it can be done successfully by the parents.

17. Learning New Language

Learning New Language

Many kids have the habit of speaking only their mother language. They do not want to speak a new language. So communicate them with the new language in an exciting way. You can play games with them by using the help of different websites like Duolingo.

Show them the movie in the regional language. It may excite them and help them to learn a new language. They can feel good after learning a new language. Experience gifts for kids like learning a new language also make the parents proud by seeing their kids growing.

18. DIY Play DOH


Your children’s little hands will develop strength as they shape play dough into various objects. They love making different shapes and figures. The repetitive motions of squishing, rolling, flattening, and the like help your kids build the fine motor skills they’ll need for future activities like writing and using scissors.

Experience gifts for kids like this DIY play DOH make them happier, and they love spending time outside the digital world. The more their creativity, the better they can act in real life.

19. Camping Trip

Camping Trip

If your child is adventurous, it can be the best experience gift for kids. You can allow your kids to go on camping trips organized by the schools/different clubs. Many parents are afraid of sending their kids to the camping.

But if your kids are interested, you must send them to such camping. Camping allows them to learn many things and grow independently. It reduces people’s stress and allows them to attain peace by enjoying nature.

20. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Experience gifts for kids bring out the best option by learning about the natural world. Natural history museum visits allow the kids to know about the historical specimen. They learn about the historical past in every fun reflected in the museum.

These museums develop more curiosity in the kids’ minds to know about the different species present there. It is one of the best sources of entertainment and promotes the different regions’ cultures. With a membership, families can visit the museum more than once and take their time exploring each exhibit without feeling rushed.

21. Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Kids love making food for them. Enrolling in a class can be a good step if they want to learn to cook better. Whether you decide to master the entire cuisine of a new region or just one dish from it, doing so will introduce you to its unique traditions and customs.

They can get exposed to new flavors and techniques. People can select foods that are better for them. Therefore, it is crucial to instruct and motivate young kids to join cooking classes. Also, experience gifts for kids remove the barrier of depending on others by experiencing and learning new things.

22. Sports Sessions

Sports Sessions

There are various sports sessions available for the kids. Both indoor and outdoor options are available. So kids can use their evening time by playing sports. Joining the sports academy can be the best experience gift for kids.

Choosing sports can result in physical fitness and also be enjoyed by the kids. There is no restriction on playing sports. Every kid can join it depending upon their interest in the sports games. You can also take them to the stadium to watch the matches conducted at certain periods.

23. Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes allow kids to express themselves by doing different postures. Often, kids find it challenging to sit in the classroom with the correct posture. This leads to various physical problems in the body. Joining yoga classes can be fun and a refreshing exercise they can enjoy daily.

You can also join them by doing the postures. Kids learn more by seeing their parents doing different kinds of activities. Bring a yoga mat and train them, giving them the best experience gifts for kids.

24. Feeding the Needy

Feeding the Needy

This is one of the most important tasks for the kids. They should feed the needy. After doing this, they come to know how lucky they are, and also they learn how to help people experiencing poverty. Take them to the NGOs. Show them how poor they experience without having good food.

Make them happy by donating food and learning about the importance of sharing. This experience gift for kids can be the best source of happiness for needy people. You can also donate old books. This practice can be done with Grandparents and grandchildren.

25. Board Games

Board Games

You can gather some good or gently used board games that everyone can enjoy in your family with your kids. Ludo is one of the best examples of it. There are other games also available which are available for the kids. You can compare the prices with the amazing online deals for board games.

Gather all the board games with a night of fun/evening during weekends with your favorite snacks. Your kid can get the best partner from the board games. Board games can be a good experience gift for kids.

26. Personal Photographer

Personal Photographer

Kids can enjoy the moments twice if they have the memories with them. You can hire a personal photographer and do the family shoot. The whole family can enjoy the photo sessions and create a wonderful moment. Kids love watching them grow by seeing the clips.

It is also possible to carry a camera at every destination and capture the wonderful moments with them. You can gift them handy cameras as an experience gift for kids.

27. Slime


In recent years, slime has become a popular trend. Kids and their friends will love making and playing with the slimes you create at home. There are different types of slime available in the market. Even kids love making slime in their homes on their own.

So, gifting slime can be one of the best experiences given to the kids. Allow your kids to choose the color of slime and play with fun. But ensure they maintain proper hygiene after playing and experiencing such products.

28. Musical Classes

Musical Classes

You can give any musical lessons to your kid as a present one of these days. Anyone, young or old, who has ever harbored a secret desire to play an instrument will find this a delightful treat.

If drums are on the agenda, go beyond our selection of affordable drum kits for youngsters and teenagers. For kids who are ready to take their instrument playing to the next level for orchestra or band, music lessons are a great “extra.”

Get them into the best musical classes near your area. Or you can buy the best musical instrument, like the piano, and they learn by watching online classes. Mainly, kids are also fond of playing guitars. So buy them a guitar and guide them to the best musical classes.

29. Factory Tour Passes

Factory Tour Passes

Many factories allow the public to enter inside. They show the procedure of how things are made. So, kids love to learn new things. Factory tours can be one of the best experiences for them.

You can ask your friends/relatives who have a factory and take your kids there, like you can show how biscuits are made, chocolates, and many more products.

30. Sports Events

Sports Events

Sports events are one of the best experience gifts for kids. They can go to the stadium and watch their favorite players’ matches. There are different sports events held in which kids can cheer up. You can take the passes to enter the stadium.

It is a fun way for the kids to go into that area. Sports events also develop inner spirits for the kids to play for the nation.

31. Spiritual Learning

Spiritual Learning

Spiritual Learning is one of the must-give experiences for kids. As they grow spiritually, respect, accountability, and reverence for themselves and others are just some values that youngsters can become more familiar with and at ease displaying.

They develop the ability to accept individual diversity without prejudice. Because of this transformation, they began to defend our planet actively. You can tell them about spirituality and make them join spiritual classes.

32. Concert Tickets

Concert Tickets

You can give the concert tickets as a birthday present. Each kid will get a ticket for his birthday since both birthdays are before the concert. These things can build the bond between parents and siblings as they age.

Concert tickets require planning, so start looking far in advance and ensure dates work for everyone involved before you commit. Kids can enjoy the melodious songs performed as the best experience gifts for kids.

33. Swimming Classes

Swimming Classes

Parents are always concerned for their kid’s safety, but there are many advantages of taking swimming classes at a younger age. Swimming is a full-body sport that demands stamina. Children can use it to gain muscular mass safely. When swimming, kids are far less likely to sustain serious injuries to their ligaments, tendons, and bones than other high-impact activities.

You can purchase the swimming kits for their safety. Also, you can accompany them to the swimming classes at the beginning. Swimming helps children immensely since it teaches them that physical activity can be enjoyable early on.

34. Family Time

Family Time

Sometimes, we are busy with work; we miss family time. Kids can get the best experience from here. You can tell the past stories and develop a sense of togetherness with your child. Also, many people have the habit of storing albums of memories.

You can introduce your kid to the other family members. Tell them about the special moment you shared. You can also give an experience regarding your childhood journey. Family time can be a thinking experience that kids can receive.

35. Kids Tree House

Kids Tree House

Kids’ treehouses are one of the most lovable gifts. They enjoy the toy tree house by keeping their stuff. Kids feel the most special by getting such gifts. They love playing with such toys with their friends. It takes them into their imaginary world with a toy.

You can buy the best treehouse and gift them during vacation time. You can also make stories and recite them so kids experience more.

Final Thoughts

Experience gifts for kids are the best source of happiness for every parent. Often, parents feel low in the middle while their kids feel down. So, experiencing gifts can move them to have constant smiles.

Going on a trip can be the best experience that your kids can add to their memory. Dance classes, musical events, and family time is the best way to give to your kid.

Some gifts are not available at the store but are added to the kids’ memory store. So you must balance yourself and give your kid love, peace, spirituality, trips, and all types of experience gifts.

Every experience gift becomes meaningful to you and your family after some time. Did you feel so after reading the blog? So comment below which are the best experience gifts for kids you liked the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some of The Best Options For Experience Gifts for Kids?

There can be an endless list of experience gifts for kids. But the main point that should be considered is the kid’s interest. So basically, kids love family trips, going to a park, dance classes, buying new games, and so on.

Why Should You Gift an Experience to The Kids?

The Experience gifts for kids help them to make a bundle of memories. The material objects may not provide such long-lasting memories. But experiencing gifts is an emotion for every kid and parents. It shows the efforts of the parents towards their kids in making them smile.

Do Kids Like the Idea of Experience Gifts?

According to the research, yes, kids love experiences more. With growing age, they start appreciating the experience rather than focusing on material gifts. They love sharing their experiences with their close ones. Experience gifts for kids make them visualize every little thing and learn.

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