13 Creative Peel and Stick Wallpaper Ideas for Kids Rooms

Are you a new parent or a parent of a child who enjoys having new things and experiences? If yes, this blog is going to share some pretty cool stick-and-peel wallpaper for kids to make them enjoy every day.

When it comes to room wallpapers, one major issue that many people face is the difficulty of application. Wallpapers come in different types; one is permanent stick-on wallpapers, and the other is a vinyl stick-and-peel wallpaper. The benefit of stick-and-peel wallpaper is that it gives you the freedom to experiment with your child’s room decor.

So, all the new moms and dads, put on your creative hats and explore these best wallpaper ideas for kids.

1. Solar System Themed

Solar System Themed

The first on the list is this solar system and planets-themed vinyl wall peel-and-stick wallpaper for kids’ rooms. This type of wallpaper comes in different variants as per the child’s age.

One of the most loved solar system-themed wallpapers is the one that is minimal in design and comes in pastel colors. Toddlers and primary school-going kids most love this type of wallpaper.

However, for science enthusiast kids in their later ages, i.e., teenage or so. They usually prefer solar system-themed wallpapers with darker and more realistic views of the universe.

The primary reason that most kids and parents prefer this wallpaper for kids is that while being so colorful and creative, this type of wallpaper offers education as well.

2. Alphabet Themed

Alphabet Themed

Next is this highly educational and beneficial wallpaper for kids in the theme and design of the English alphabet. This type of wallpaper, which is quite obviously made primarily for toddlers, is sure to give your child’s room a vibrant, fun twist while making sure your child is learning every second of the day.

As we know, small babies or toddlers have a habit of scribbling on the walls, so if the walls of their room already have wallpaper, the chances of them learning to read and write will increase. These wallpapers for kids help in increasing your child’s cognitive abilities.

3. Forest


This one is the most popular among nature enthusiasts, especially if your kid is a fan of The Jungle Book. This jungle-themed wallpaper for kids ensures that a kid grows into an adult full of empathy and compassion toward the natural world.

Also, another great thing about forest-themed wallpapers is that they have all the bright colors, so if you are planning on creating a vibrant room while teaching your child the different colors, this wallpaper should be your choice.

4. Minimal Wallpapers

Minimal Wallpapers

It is scientifically proven that light pastel shades and minimal patterns are really beneficial for small newborns’ or toddlers’ healthy growth. Therefore, the next on our list is the minimal-themed wallpapers for kids. When we say minimalism, it could be pictured by you in different ways, and to be honest, all of those ideas of minimalism would be correct in one way or another.

You can choose minimal wallpapers for kids based on the color, theme, or pattern. Similarly, if you are really inclined towards cultural connection, you can even go for ethnic prints and shapes like boho minimalist patterns. Minimal wallpaper for kids creates a very pleasant and soothing for the eyes.

5. Solid Color

Solid Color

This idea for stick-and-peel room wallpapers for kids is perfect if you are looking for a temporary change to your child’s room. Or even if you are that kind of home decor enthusiast who likes to keep changing things around to feel a fresh vibe every now and then, choosing a solid-colored wallpaper would work best.

One of the best benefits of choosing solid color stick-and-peel wallpaper for kids is that it gives them an opportunity to paint the walls as they like. It lets them play with their creativity to vast expanses. Also, when it comes to selecting a solid color, make sure you are careful because the wrong color can impact your child’s mental health.

6. World Map Themed

World Map Themed

Earlier, as we discussed, wallpapers for kids are not just a decor aspect but rather a very fun and creative way to grow their cognitive ability. Therefore, next on this list is this world map-themed wallpaper for kids.

World map-themed wallpapers help toddlers learn about various continents, oceans, and different world facts. This is a great way to familiarise your young ones with basic world knowledge at an early stage. World map-themed wallpapers for kids come in different styles as per the child’s age.

7. Monochrome Safari Animals Wallpapers

Monochrome Safari Animals Wallpapers

Previously in the list, we mentioned forest-themed wallpapers for kids, and now safari animal-themed. What’s the difference? You must be wondering! So here, the basic difference is that the jungle or forest-themed wallpaper uses different colors all at once. While in monochrome safari animals wallpaper for kids, there is one base color, and all the animals or patterns are in the same color or shades of similar color.

8. Superhero Sticker

Superhero Sticker

This is one of the peeled wallpaper for kids. The reason is this wallpaper is not an overall, full coverage type wallpaper. Instead, it is basically a wallpaper cut out in a particular shape that can be placed on a light shade wall. While the application of this wallpaper may seem easy, it’s actually not.

Or should we say the ease of application depends upon the theme? For instance, if your child wants a Spiderman-themed wallpaper with spider webs, etc., application of it might be a little tricky. However, one slight drawback apart, the superhero-themed wallpaper for kids is nevertheless the most popular among kids.

9. Rainbow


Just like the forest-themed wallpaper for kids, this is another themed wallpaper that can come in handy in teaching your kids about colors in a fun and creative manner. The rainbow wallpaper for kids is another type of cut-out form stick and peel wallpaper.

This wallpaper requires careful application, but once properly done, it gives your toddler’s room or nursery a dreamy, playful look. Rainbow wallpaper for kids is a great way to give your child an early understanding of colors and the environment, and it even serves as a great present for them.

10. Floral


Floral-themed wallpaper for kids is the most delightful and versatile of all wallpapers. The best thing about them is that they can be used even in adult bedrooms. Floral patterns create a soothing ambiance for your child. You can opt for a single flower, overall print, or multi-flower-themed wallpaper.

In other words, we can say it is a mix of forest and minimal theme. It creates a subtle decor element so that you can play with your interior decor or furniture freely. This type of wallpaper for kids works best if your child has one favorite color that they won’t mind having in their room.

11. Sun


The Sun, as we all know, is the primary source of energy. Other than energy, it also brings and symbolizes positivity, brightness, and a new start in our lives. So, if you use sun elements on wallpaper for kids, it will bring all the many things it symbolizes to your child’s life. Also, the Sun is itself a quite vibrant element and perhaps one of the few that every child connects with and gets attracted to universally.

12. Daisy


Many don’t know, but daisy flowers symbolize many things, such as new beginnings, innocence, positivity, and even cheerfulness. So, if you are looking for stick-and-peel wallpapers for kids, daisy print wallpapers can be a great choice.

Daisy flowers keep the room positive, bright, and light, all of which are a great way to spend your day. In most cases, daisy wallpapers come in lighter pastel shades which are not too bright and sharp to look at. Especially when in the morning your little one will open their eyes, the wall color won’t hurt their eyes.



This is a very personalized way to decorate your child’s room. Quotes or phrases are basically big life lessons in a few words. Even many adults keep quotes as their mobile wallpapers, as quotes help you remember the positive aspects of life. Quotes can be of different types, such as motivational, inspiring, reminders, positive, soothing, spiritual, and so on.

Therefore, using quotes as wallpapers for kids is a great idea to remind them of life’s important lessons. When it comes to small kids, using simple quotes that lead to habit-building can help them grow positively. Especially if you are going to use stick-and-peel wallpapers for kids, quotes wallpapers can be one good choice as they can be changed as your kid grows.


Wallpaper for kids comes in diverse options, from multiple unique colors to mesmerizing patterns and creative themes. Wallpapers are the best way to bring novelty to your child’s room or nursery.

While choosing wallpaper for kids, parents or teachers must keep in consideration the child’s preferences. As well as, many children do not appreciate the animal-themed decor, while others are too fond of superhero-themed wallpaper.

So, while decorating toddlers’ rooms, always remember to keep their happiness a priority. Also, one great thing would be to keep changing wallpapers every now and then.

This makes your child experience fun and novelty at regular intervals, and for that, stick-and-peel wallpaper for kids does wonders.

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