6 Best Organic Baby Formulas for Your Little One’s Health

6 Best Organic Baby Formulas for Your Little One's Health

The parenthood journey is filled with a lot of emotions. Along with emotions, there is a need for a parent to make countless decisions. Among all the decisions a parent makes, the primary decision is to select the perfect nourishment product for their little ones. As we all know, the market is equipped with countless products, and choosing the best one is daunting.

If you are a new parent, there is a possibility that you may have heard about it. We are pretty sure that your search for the best product for your baby lets you lend up here. Well, don’t worry because we have answers for you.

In this article, we will share the best organic baby formula you can consider. These formulas will not only turn out to be safe but also provide enough nutritional value and nourishment to your baby.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Organic Baby Formulas to Consider

1. Baby’s Only Organic Dairy with DHA & ARA Toddler Formula

Baby's Only Organic Dairy with DHA & ARA Toddler Formula

Nature’s One Baby’s Only organic dairy with DHA and ARA toddler formula is one of the best. This product is specifically for babies with lactose sensitivity and recovering from gastrointestinal issues. The best part is manufacturers have paid attention to the quality of this milk-based formula and come up with something different this time.

As we all know, DHA and ARA are important for the overall development of the body, and these are derived from natural resources only. The company has been focused on that and come up with top-tier organic ingredients for this product.

For all the parents looking for an organic formula for their babies with lactose sensitivity or a very sensitive digestive system, this formula is the best one to consider. This formula will cater to their sensitivity needs and help them develop overall.

2. Happy Baby Organics Infant Formula

Happy Baby Organics Infant Formula

Stage 1 Sensitive Formula by Happy Baby is one of those products in the market specifically designed for infants from zero to 12 months. As we all know, under this age range, toddlers have very delicate stomachs and are also sensitive to introducing different ingredients. This formula is carefully crafted by considering the nutrient blend.

The manufacturers have paid attention to the formula and prepared it with a 75% reduction in lactose. This is so because there are babies who are lactose intolerant. It is also one of the best baby formula for your baby’s digestive health. This organic formula comes up with a prebiotic mix of GOS and FOS as well.

These help emulate the role of prebiotics naturally in breast milk. There will be no need for parents to feel like they are considering something that is not safe for their babies. The manufacturer has paid attention to all the certifications as well, and this product is certified by USDA.

It does not contain any ingredient that can cause any harm to the baby’s health. It is also packed without BPA, BPS, or phthalates. This ensures that you will have the best feeding experience for your baby.

3. Earth’s Best Organic Baby Formula for Babies 0-12 Months

Earth's Best Organic Baby Formula for Babies 0-12 Months

Earth brand is among those brands that are very focused on babies’ health, and that’s why they have come up with the best organic baby formulas for babies from the age group 0 to 12 months. This formulation is the replication of breast milk to an extent.

It has all the ingredients available that provide enough nutrition for the baby’s health. The essential nutrients included in it are helpful for fostering immunity, brain development, and eye growth.

The best part is it is very easy to prepare as well. People need to pay attention to the clear instructions available on the package, and they are all set to prepare it. It is an ideal companion for your infant’s first year of life because it promotes holistic growth and nourishment from the very first day. The formula has been tested by several doctors as well, and accordingly, this turned out to be the best formula available in the market.

If you are looking for an organic formulation that promotes the growth of your baby, choosing Infant Nutrition by the Earth is one of the best options available. Also, it is important to note that if you notice any change in your baby’s health, which is not good after introducing this formula, discuss it with the pediatrician right away.

4. Bubs Organic Grass Fed Infant Formula Stage 1

Bubs Organic Grass Fed Infant Formula Stage 1

If you are looking for a formula prepared with all the natural ingredients, then choosing Bubs Organic Grass Fed Infant Formula Stage 1 is one of the best options to consider. This product is specially crafted for infants from the age of 0 to 6 months.

This can be consumed up to eight times a day. The best part is this formula is safe and is prepared with all the quality ingredients. Parents do not need to worry about the purity and nutrition requirements of their child’s body. It will give a wholesome experience to all the babies who are consuming it.

This product is free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This also carries certification from the recognized body, including ASO and NASAA. This has also been awarded the Clean Label Purity Award, which includes that this product is pure and commits to transparency. It includes probiotics that are helpful for the overall development of the infant.

Overall, this product is the best product in the market for all the babies around. If you are a parent looking for the best organic formula for babies, consider it right away. Also, you will find out that the certification logo is available on the box, including certification by the recognized bodies.

5. Bubs Goat Milk Infant Formula Stage 1

Bubs Goat Milk Infant Formula Stage 1

If you are looking for a goat milk infant formula, then choosing Bubs Goat Milk Infant Formula Stage 1 is the option to consider. It is prepared by keeping all the safety, quality, purity, and gentleness into consideration. The major agenda behind preparing this is to provide enough nutrition to the body.

In the growing phase, from zero to six months, it is important to provide babies with a product that can help them achieve the lifestyle that they deserve. If enough nutrition is provided to them, they will be able to grow easily. This product is free from all preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. It has also acquired the Clean Label Purity Award. The formula that you purchase is packed with A2 Goat protein, omega-3, prebiotics, and other nutrients as well.

For all the parents around who are looking for a formula that is prepared with all the natural ingredients, this one is the option to consider. It is advisable to discuss it with the pediatrician before introducing it to your child because there is a possibility your child’s body may not be able to adapt to it right away.

6. Pure Bliss by Similac Infant Formula

Pure Bliss by Similac Infant Formula

Similac is a brand that has been in consideration for a very long time, and this Pure Bliss By Similac Infant Formula is one of the best products available in the market. This turned out to be the best product in the market because it offers all the essential nutrients to the child’s body. It is free from all artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, and other preservatives.

If you are looking for something that is very easy to digest and offers optimal comfort to your little one, then choosing it will be the best option for you. The best part is after considering it. You will see a change in your baby’s growth pattern. It also holds a distinction between the primary choices in hospitals and turns out to be the leading infant formula available in the market trusted by healthcare professionals.

It is a combination of wholesome ingredients and focuses on the baby’s essential developmental aspects. If you want your baby to have something that promotes their growth and is safe for them, then choosing this product is the best option for you.

How to Choose Organic Baby Formulas for Babies?

How to Choose Organic Baby Formulas for Babies?

While finalizing the best organic baby formula for your little one, there are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind. Some important factors that you need to list down on priority include:

1. Ingredients and Nutritional Content

Clearly examine all the ingredients that are mentioned in the product. Make sure the formula you are considering has high-quality and organic ingredients that go well with your baby’s nutritional needs. Always search for those formulas that are enriched with essential nutrients, including vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and proteins.

2. Certifications

A guarantee is also important to keep in mind whenever finalizing the best organic baby formula. Always choose those formulas that have reputable organic certifications. Make sure the certifications the product owns are from trusted organizations. These certifications are the indicators that the formula is best for the baby and has undergone rigorous testing as well.

3. Source of Ingredients

The source of ingredients does not create any big difference, but you need to investigate the source from where the ingredients have been sourced. Always choose those formulas in which the ingredients used are reliable and belong to ethical resources. This will ensure that you are investing in the highest quality product and prioritizing the safety of your baby.

4. Additives and Preservatives

Always avoid formulas equipped with unnecessary additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors. Always choose those options that either have minimal processing or are using natural preservatives. These will not cause any harm to your baby’s health.

5. Form of Formula

The form of formula that you are considering also creates a big difference. Always figure out your baby’s habits and then invest in the best organic baby formula. You need to decide whether you need to go for liquid concentrate, ready-to-feed formula, or powdered one. Each of them comes up with its own advantages and disadvantages. So, keep every factor like convenience, storage, and preparation time into consideration while finalizing it.

6. Allergen Consideration

Although babies are in the developing stage, you need to be sure of the history of allergies in your family. Always check out common allergens in the formula, including soy, nuts, and dairy. Some organic formulas are specially designed for babies with allergies and sensitivities. Keep your baby’s overall health into consideration, and then only choose the product.

7. Digestibility

The digestive system of babies is very delicate, and you cannot feed them formula that is very difficult to digest. In general, probiotics and prebiotics are beneficial for promoting healthy digestion and gut health. It is advisable to choose formulas having the same concentration.

8. Price and Availability

Last but not least, you need to keep in mind the price and availability. We cannot deny that organic options are slightly more expensive than other formulas available. So, keep the same in mind. Make sure the formula you are choosing is within your budget, and you can access it regularly as well.

Symptoms for Allergic Reaction from Organic Baby Formula

Symptoms for Allergic Reaction from Organic Baby Formula

As we all know, babies are very sensitive, so it is also important to check whether their body is adapting to the same formula or not. If the organic formula you have chosen is not suitable for the baby, some symptoms may appear. This includes:

1. Skin Rash or Hives

The first symptom that you will notice will be a skin rash or hives. You will notice red, itchy, and raised bumps on the skin. These usually happen within one to two hours after consuming the formula.

2. Swelling

Some babies will experience swelling in different parts of the body. The major parts of the body on which swelling can be observed include the lips, tongue, face, and throat. This is a serious symptom and can lead to an impact on Airways as well. If swelling is there, reach out to the pediatrician right away.

3. Gastrointestinal Distress

As we all know, babies’ problems are very common, and their upset gastric system is an indicator of the same. There is a possibility that after consuming the organic baby formula, your child may experience symptoms including diarrhea, vomiting, or loose stools. You need to check out and reach out to the doctor if such symptoms appear.

4. Breathing Difficulties

Breathing difficulty issues are among the rare issues but can happen if your child may have a serious allergic reaction to the baby formula that you have just introduced to him. You must observe your child for a while after feeding them the formula for the first time.

5. Excessive Crying and Irritability

Sometimes it happens that your baby may start crying for no reason. This usually happens because the organic formula that they have consumed is not let them be at peace. This is a clear indication that some allergic reaction has been happening in their body.

6. Congestion and Runny Nose

Last but not least, in some cases, you may notice symptoms, including congestion and a runny nose as well. If these persist and appear shortly after feeding the best organic formula for babies, reach out to the doctor right away.


In conclusion, for the good health of your little one, you need to invest in the best organic baby formula. It is advisable to keep every parameter in mind so that you will not regret your decision later on. Keep the health of your child into consideration, along with their age, and then choose the product.

It is advisable to have a discussion with their pediatrician before finalizing anything so that you can be on the safer side. Some babies are quite sensitive, and it became impossible for them to resist the introduction of new products in their diet.

If you have a baby who is quite sensitive, discuss with their pediatrician the product you are thinking of integrating and then finalize the same!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Consider Introducing Organic Baby Formula?

When you are thinking of introducing organic baby formula to your baby, make sure your baby is ready for formula feeding. Some babies are entirely dependent on breastfeeding, and for them, resisting organic formula is difficult. Have a discussion with the pediatrician so that you can analyze whether it will go well with the babies’ developmental stage and nutritional needs or not.

How Do I Transition My Baby from Breast Milk to Organic Formula?

Introducing organic formula directly to your kid is not advisable if they are breastfeeding. It is advisable to introduce it alongside it. You can start by replacing one feed with the formula in a day. Increase it gradually over time. This will be helpful for your baby to adjust to the new taste. They will also experience minimum discomfort during this transition from breast milk to organic formula.

Can I Mix Organic Formula with Breast Milk or Water?

It entirely depends on the organic formula you are considering. But most formulas go well with water and cow milk but not well with breast milk. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and keep the correct ratio of the formula to liquid in mind. Also, consider your baby’s preferences while you are about to make a change in their dietary needs.

Are There Any Specific Guidelines for Preparing and Storing Organic Formulas?

Yes, there are some specific guidelines for preparing and storing the organic formula. There are instructions available on the packaging, so read them carefully. Always consider using cleaned utensils to prepare the formula. It is also possible to discard the leftover formula after feeding and not feed it again to your baby, as it can lead to diarrhea and other gastric issues.

Can I Switch Between Different Brands of Organic Formula?

In general, it is advisable to stick to one brand of formula. Switching between different brands for your baby will have an impact on their digestive system. But if you have thought that you need to switch the brand, discuss it with the pediatrician for guidance and consider the transition gradually. It will minimize any potential discomfort that may take place.

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