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Best Kids Scooters

Are you looking for toddler scooters for your boy or girl? It can often be hard to decide which scooter to take from the myriad of options available online and in physical stores nowadays.

So, here we have a blog that can come to your aid in spotting the right toddler scooter for your kid that will let them enjoy their ride safely and also help them learn a few essential skills.

Yes, scooter riding can benefit your toddler in more than one way, and you will find out how it benefits children in this blog. Scooter riding offers several health benefits, including helping them learn balance and navigation skills.

We have provided 10 recommendations that are easily available on Amazon. We have picked these scooters based on their features, ratings, and safety. These scooters have some of the best-in-class features and would be loved by your kids immensely.

Toddler Scooters for Your Kids

Go through the list mindfully to spot the right choice for your child. Do take note that the prices of the products are according to the applicable rates at the time of writing this article.

1. Kicksy – Kids Scooter

Kicksy - Kids Scooter

You can get this Kicksy – Kids Scooter from the Kicksy Wheels Store for cheap. It comes in a great deal of attractive colors (blue, red, pink, teal, and orange) that would instantly draw your child’s attention and love towards it. Suited for both boys and girls, this toddler scooter is best suited for kids in the age range of 2 to 5 years.


  • This three-wheeler scooter comes with an adjustable handlebar height.
  • Features light-up LED wheels.
  • The frame consists of aluminum, and the wheels are made of polyurethane.


  • It comes with a six-month manufacturer warranty.
  • It can take up weights up to 49.9 kgs.


  • It is not foldable.

2. Micro Maxi Deluxe 3

Micro Maxi Deluxe 3

Gift this three-wheeled Micro Kickboard Maxi Deluxe 3 to your kids between 5 and 12 years old and witness them grin from ear to ear. Available at a good price, this Swiss-designed micro scooter is available in four exciting colors – green, lavender, pink, and blue. It is strong, durable, and almost indestructible with all replaceable parts. It is also available in a foldable version.


  • The wheel consists of polyurethane, and the frame is made of carbon fiber.
  • It has an intuitive, lean-to-steer design.
  • It is fitted with adjustable handlebars.


  • Lightweight.
  • Doesn’t require assembly.


  • Expensive model.

3. Razor A3 Kick Scooter for Kids

Razor A3 Kick Scooter for Kids

Wow! So, if you are looking for an all-in-one toddler scooter, then here is the one that is packed with all advanced features and yet comes in at an affordable price. The Razor A3 Kick Scooter for Kids is available on Amazon. It comes in blue, red, clear, and green colors.


  • The two-wheeler model has wheels made up of polyurethane, and the frame is composed of aluminum.
  • Fitted with a front vibration-dampening suspension system for a smooth ride.
  • Enabled with a folding mechanism.


  • Lightweight.
  • Fitted with adjustable handlebars and also features a wheelie bar.


  • Two-wheeler model.

4. LaScoota 2-in-1 Kids Kick Scooter

LaScoota 2-in-1 Kids Kick Scooter

LaScoota 2-in-1 Kids Kick Scooter is another splendid toddler scooter that is great for boys and girls in the age range of 3-12 years. It can support weights up to 100 lbs. Available in a multitude of colors, you can order this scooter for kids from Amazon. It offers a smooth and stable ride owing to three-wheeled stability and anti-slip decks.


  • Features light-up wheels.
  • The frame is made of aluminum, and the three wheels are polyurethane.
  • It offers a removable seat to support kids who are learning to ride the scooter while seated.


  • Lightweight.
  • Includes an adjustable height handlebar.


  • Not foldable.

5. Jetson Scooters

Jetson Scooters

Another toddler scooter by Jetson is the Jupiter Kick Scooter, which is packed with many desirable features and characteristics. Available at an affordable price and in multiple colors like black, blue, red, Jupiter, Iridescent, and pink, this scooter has two wheels and weighs about 6 pounds. It is perfect for boys and girls up to 5 years of age.


  • Features a foldable and collapsible design.
  • The frame is made of aluminum.
  • It has adjustable handlebars, rear foot brakes, and shock-absorbing wheels to provide the best riding experience.


  • The kid’s scooter is fitted with 100 LED lights all over for visible safety.
  • Portable.


  • It has only two wheels.

6. MomnLittle Foldable Kids 3 Wheels Scooter

MomnLittle Foldable Kids 3 Wheels Scooter

Here is another impressive toddler scooter from MomnLittle Store, which is designed with cute features and is perfect for boys and girls in the age range of 3 to 10 years. The MomnLittle Foldable Kids 3 Wheels Scooter is purchasable from Amazon. It comes in pink, white, and beige shades and looks absolutely stunning.


  • Features a simple folding design.
  • The wheels are made of polyurethane, and the handles are fitted with non-slip rubber covers to offer a sturdy grip.
  • It is equipped with adjustable handlebars that can be adjusted to 4 different heights.


  • Features LED lights and flashing wheels.
  • Portable design.


  • It is a bit expensive.

7. Chillafish Scotti 3-Wheel Lean-to-Steer Scooter

Chillafish Scotti 3-Wheel Lean-to-Steer Scooter

This Chillafish Scotti Glow 3-Wheel Lean-to-Steer Scooter is another amazing toddler scooter that is available at Amazon. You can get this scooter with glow wheels in blue, red, flamingo, and pink colors. It is suited for kids above 3 years.


  • Lightweight.
  • Equipped with adjustable height handlebars and comfortable hand grips.
  • It also features a twin-tip antislip deck design with integrated foot brakes.


  • Glow wheels automatically light up while riding.
  • Detachable handlebar.


  • The glow wheels model is more expensive than the regular wheels model.

8. Paw Patrol Scooter for Kids

Paw Patrol Scooter for Kids

Get this toddler scooter for cheap, and surprise your kids today. Made for kids in the age group of 3-7 years, the Paw Patrol Toys – Scooter is from the Voyager brand. It features a 3-D toy figure in the front, which is either Chase or Skye.


  • The 3 wheels and the frame are made up of alloy steel.
  • Features a lean-to-steer scooter technology.
  • Includes a stainless steel ABS brake system.


  • Has adjustable height handlebars with TPR non-slip grips.
  • Features extra wide deck and foot-activated brakes.


  • The weight limit it can take is less than other competitor models.

9. Unbreakable & Never Fall Down 2-in-1 Scooters

Unbreakable & Never Fall Down 2-in-1 Scooters

This 3-wheel toddler scooter is for both boys and girls from 2 to 14 years. You can get it for cheap, and it is made with safety in mind, especially for novices. You can get it in pink and blue colors. Presented by the Keamaidy brand, this scooter has adjustable height handlebars and ergonomically shaped rubber grips to prevent hand fatigue.


  • Constructed with polyurethane flash wheels and aluminum frame.
  • Works on lean-to-steer technology.
  • Features a 2-in-1 system with a detachable flip-out seat to change it into a stand-up scooter.


  • Foldable and lightweight.
  • Durable design.


  • Offers fewer color options.

10. GoScoot Max

GoScoot Max

The New-Bounce Scooters for Toddlers is a 3-wheel scooter that is perfect for girls and boys aged 2-6 years. It costs around $54.99 and comes in blue, pink, and red colors.


  • The three wheels are fitted with ABEC-7 bearings and have wide PU wheels to offer a smooth and safe ride.
  • Features large, reliable rear foot brakes.
  • Enabled with lean-to-steer mechanism.


  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy frame and nylon composites.
  • Comes with an adjustable handlebar.


  • Limited color options are available.

Benefits of Riding a Toddler Scooter

Here are some health benefits of riding scooters.

  • Development of motor skills: Scooter riding helps in the development of gross motor skills as the kids need to use their arms and legs independently and simultaneously. They have to maintain one foot on the plate, one leg has to keep kicking to propel the scooter ahead, and hands have to work on the handlebar to turn the direction. All this has to be performed while avoiding falling and avoiding obstacles.
  • Improvement of balance: Most toddler scooter models are nowadays built on the “lean-to-steer” mechanism, so it permits enhanced steering control by leaning the body forward slightly in turn. It also requires the child to stand and balance the scooter on one leg while simultaneously kicking with the other. So, it is a brilliant technique to achieve proper balance.
  • Muscle toning: Riding a scooter utilizes the strength of the hand and leg muscles as well as the muscles of the torso. So, the muscles get used and toned without the child even realizing it. Even when they are balancing on the plate, the abdominal muscles and the lumbar muscles are quite engaged. Thus, it helps to develop their body physically and also to help them gain physical strength.
  • Coordination optimization: Riding a scooter requires kicking, balancing, and applying brakes, which takes their brain-body coordination level to a fine level. Needless to say, it helps synchronize their movements to keep their balance, avoid obstacles, break their momentum, and apply brakes to stop when they deem it necessary.
  • Development of decision-making skills: Riding a scooter is a complex task for your toddler, like driving a car is for adults. It is a multivariate process where they need to do critical thinking and make certain decisions like whether they should move slower or quicker, when they should stop, when they should turn, etc. They also have to judge how to avoid falling and how to avoid obstacles on their path.
  • Enhancement of cardiovascular endurance: Riding a scooter needs efforts like kicking harder and doing solid aerobics, which can train the heart to pump more blood to the muscles and lungs and also circulate oxygen better.

Care and Maintenance of Toddler Scooter

Some essential information related to the maintenance of the toddler scooter is mentioned below.

  • Riders must always wear helmets.
  • The US Consumer Product Safety Commission also recommends using knee and elbow pads for safe riding sessions.
  • Riders must also wear sturdy and compact shoes.
  • The handlebar height must always be at a child’s arms at a right angle.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the scooter.
  • Avoid using alcohol-based cleaners.
  • Remove debris and rocks from the brake areas.
  • Inspect the bolts every month.
  • Regularly apply lubricants to the bearings to ensure the wheels glide smoothly.


So, hopefully, our suggestions on the best toddler scooters available currently in the market will be useful in making up your mind. You will also find used scooters for sale in online marketplaces. But we recommend going for a new toddler scooter for your first kid that could last through multiple children, as you will easily find replaceable parts for these scooters.

You will find many scooters on our list that are not so expensive yet have commendable features to fit your budget comfortably. You could also go for eco-versions, where the kickboard is made up of recycled ocean plastic. Plenty of e-bike options are also available nowadays.

Whatever you opt for, check the safety features to ensure that your kid is having a safe and enjoyable ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 1.5-Year-Old Ride a Scooter?

You can buy the scooter when they are about 1.5 years of age; however, you must do so until the kid is able to walk with a steady gait. Once the child starts riding a scooter, they will have to learn to balance it, pushing it forward, and several other skills to successfully ride it.

Can a 2-Year-Old Have a Scooter?

Yes, most toddler scooters are designed for kids who are 2 years and above in age. If the kid can walk with a steady gait, they will be able to ride a scooter easily and efficiently. So, two to three years of age is standard for riding scooters.

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