Adopting A Kitten
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Advantages of Adopting An Adult Cat

Congratulations on taking the first step towards adopting a cat! As you search our shelter for your new feline friend it will be easy to fall in love with one (or more) of the many cute faces you see on this website. It is important to consider the following points before adopting a cat. There are certain advantages to adopting an adult cat. 

If you have young children, a kitten might be too rambunctious and easily frightened, and accidentally scratch your child. Young kittens have yet to learn to retract their claws. Young children could play too rough and accidentally hurt a kitten. An adult cat is likely to be more patient with young children and know when enough is enough – for both cat and child.

An adult cat has already developed his/her personality, so you know what kind of personality traits you are getting. A kitten is still developing and it’s hard to predict what type of personality s/he will have in adulthood. So if you are looking for a specific kind of personality in your new fur baby, an adult cat is a better choice.

Adult cats that have lived with other pets or children might adapt to them in a new household more easily than a kitten.

If you have an older cat, a kitten might be too energetic for your senior cat. An adult cat could very well be a much better companion choice.

Wright-Way Rescue does not reccomend the declawing of any feline. We do however understand that for various reasons some adopters wish to own a declawed cat. Frequently adult cats are available for adoption that have already been declawed by a former owner.

Adult cats don’t require as much supervision. Kittens are still learning and exploring (and can be full of energy) so they require more care and supervision. Adult cats will certainly explore thus the old cliché "curiosity killed the cat," but kittens are more likely to get into trouble and potentially harmful situations.

Adopting an adult cat could save you money. Kittens need a series of shots and must be spayed or neutered. If you adopt a cat over four months of age they be spayed or neutered. Vaccines will also be further along with an adult cat. If you wish to adopt a purebred, you can usually adopt an adult for a fraction of the cost of a purebred kitten.

By choosing to adopt an adult cat, you will be saving a life. Kittens have a much higher adoption rate than adult cats. Wright-Way Rescue is a no kill shelter however adult cats take longer to adopt out than kittens. Whenever an adult cat is adopted, another is taken in from a potentially life threatening situation.